Eye Candy Friday | Stole 2.0.

Oh my, y’all. The seemingly-endless stockinette finally came to an end yesterday morning. After a nice soak and an overnight dry on the floor, it’s ready to share. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. the colors pop! (even on a cloudy day)

the drape.

that subtle alpaca halo.

and the size. It blocked to about 86″x23″, which gives me options for how to wear it.

I thought I was adding length and width (see all my notes on Ravelry here), but I’m glad it ended up just being length; it doesn’t need to be any wider.

I predict it’s going to get a lot of wear on our trip!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday | Stole 2.0.

  1. Simply beautiful! The colors really do pop even more than before blocking. You have great color sense; I never would have thought to put those colors together, but they work wonderfully and I'm sure you'll wear it well (and often)!

  2. Fabulous! The colors are so beautiful (like Bonny, I would not have thought to use them together. I love the little halo effect. It will go so well with everything from jeans to a little black dress. Congratulations on a great finish!!

  3. Just beautiful! And it looks so soft. The colors are some of my favorites, too – I love using them in my garden. Hopefully, we will see some photos of you modeling it on your trip. : ) Happy weekend!

  4. Mary! The shawl, wrap, stole, is even more beautiful than I imagined! It's going to be THE hit of your cruise. Everyone will have eyes on you!

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