Those three photos, taken Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening, pretty much tell the whole story. Snacks for dinner. Finishing up season one of Sneaky Pete (highly recommended!). Slightly cooler temperatures. Red wine. Magpie Murders. Endless stockinette. and lots of sunshine.

It was even cooler this morning – 62 degrees! Is this really almost August?

Hope your weekend was a good one!

8 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. We had 57 last night and it felt great this morning. Maybe your cool weather is to help you get prepared for Alaska?!

  2. It is warm here in SLC (close to 100 today). My next book will be Magpie Murders as so many of my friends have recommended it. Enjoy your cooler days!

  3. I threw a jacket on this morning to head to class at 6! Hoping for unseasonably warm through August though! Happy Monday Mary!

  4. Best kind of weekend, in my book! Endless stockinette for ? And fear not, Aug arrives with a vengeance – just give it a few more hours! Cheers~

  5. The weekend temps were delightful! I spent almost all of Sunday on the deck-stockinette and listening to the whole enchilada. Continuing to enjoy this weather at lunch on the "veranda"!

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