Unraveled Wednesday | A Singular Focus.

I can’t remember the last time I was reading (and listening to) just one book and actively knitting on just one project. South of Broad is really that good … and the sweater, well, it’s probably going to take a back seat to the mystery shawl tomorrow morning (when the last clue comes out), but for today, it has my complete attention!

Joining in with Kat and looking forward to seeing what y’all are reading and knitting this week.

11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | A Singular Focus.

  1. Love your grey yarn. Is this one of the sweaters for Alaska???As you know, I am also reading South of Broad and enjoying. Conroy's way with words is so beautiful. Having spent some time (very, very brief – like in business trips) in Charleston and knowing some folks who live there has also made it a fun read.

  2. Your posts are always a bright spot in my day! Your knitting always inspires me, and I think I will jump on the bandwagon and read South of Broad. : )

  3. Pat Conroy is not my favorite author, but I'm really basing that only on my reaction to Prince of Tides. I might have to join the crowd (after I read your review :-)) and try South of Broad. That gray is gorgeous and your focus is admirable!

  4. I just got South of Broad from Overdrive. Mary…Howards End is killing me! I'm going to do it but it's been tough. (I'm listening to it and I like the narrator but those ladies are exhausting!) 🙂

  5. I absolutely LOVED South of Broad! And, if I did not have 12 million other things to read right now, I would read it again! And monogamous knitting… what is that? LOL

  6. Love the gray-South of Broad is on my list to re-read. I want to read more of his books, and definitely before Beaufort 2018

  7. that gray is the gray I love. Well any gray! Would you believe I used to dislike that color in my youth? Crazy.

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