Looking Back | June 2017.

Today I’m looking back at June through the lens of my daily photos. It was a surprisingly full month! No out of town trips left plenty of room for exploring closer to home, meet-ups with friends to walk or knit, FaceTime with friends who don’t live nearby (that’s Honoré’s dear face on the 7th), and lots of walking, reading and knitting on my own.

also cocktails. That pretty drink on the 30th is a raspberry elderflower gin and tonic; it’s delicious. I’m hoarding a few raspberries to make another batch this week. I followed the recipe pretty much as written except I omitted the simple syrup and used elderflower tonic just because I had some (I’m hoarding the last bottle of that as well).

I didn’t realize until I compiled the collage this morning that there’s no Charlie – yikes! Hopefully July will tell a more “balanced” story of my time with both boys. Maybe I’ll even have a finished sweater (or two) to share as well, along with a few more book bingos!

Good thing it’s a long month, right?!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | June 2017.

  1. I'll be putting that drink in my queue as well…we should have fresh raspberries in the yard by the end of the month. Which reminds me to get some beetle traps to keep them off! Lots of good going on there Mary!

  2. I do enjoy enlarging the collage and looking more closely at individual photos. Lots of lakes, a gorgeous Colorwash 🙂 and a beautifully delicious drink at the end make June a great month. I'll be looking for lots of the boys in July!

  3. Looks like it was a great month! Like others, I'm thirsty for one of those cocktails (even though it's only 10:30 in the morning – lol).

  4. Your month held quite a variety of great things (and people). I think of you and your daily shots often and hope to emulate your focus (soon!).

  5. I am truly jealous of the delightful sunrises over the lake…make my heart pitter patter…shocked to see me! of course and Sam's smile is so contagious… July's collage gets at least 3 of Charlie (he can have my spot ;-)) … Yes, t'is a long month by one day! Click on!Cheers~

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