Weekending | Haiku Fun.

Friday evening fun
planning a fourth pen purchase
easy lace with gin
Sunday morning run
brilliant blue skies, a cool breeze
lake as smooth as glass

mystery shawl caught up
back to Alaska knitting
a four week sweater!
😊 that pretty much sums it up! Hope your weekend was a fun one, too!

10 thoughts on “Weekending | Haiku Fun.

  1. Your lake is so pretty as is your knitting. Though I'm not sure I could even do easy lace with gin – lol. Fun Haikus Mary.

  2. Which pen will grace your collection? I love all my lovely pens (and promise a letter soon!). Your haiku/picture combos are perfectly matched.

  3. four week sweater is better than four days 🙂 lovely views of your happenings. When you say a pen purchase I am assuming a fountain pen, can't wait to see it!

  4. You got it, spot on! Haiku can be very addictive, I'm thinking…4 weeks to complete sweater? Doubt it will take two! Knot on!Cheers~

  5. Purchasing pens, something I haven't done for a while. I brought back a cool fountain pen from London and managed to lose it. I don't know how that happens.

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