Weekending | Bright Spots.

We’ve had a really wet June.  Not that I’m complaining – it’s wonderful to see all the green and our water and power bills are more like spring than summer – but it does get a little dreary. My 100 day project has really helped keep me focused on the bright spots!

Saturday was a day full of friends and family. Lauren and I enjoyed a not-too-wet walk in the park. Then Diane and I had a nice long catchup over FaceTime. Katie and Rob hosted a family gathering in the afternoon – a wonderful opportunity to see my favorite boys

and try out a new-to-me recipe for green goddess dip (I loosely used this one and will definitely be making it again) with the vegetable plate. Katie made the cheese plate and there were also chicken wraps and wings (my family makes great snacks!)

Yesterday morning it wasn’t raining so I took Holly for a long walk to the lake. I almost never take her that far because I end up having to carry her for most of it. But all the rain has played havoc with her regular schedule and we both needed the exercise. This view is just before we get to the lake – the roses and hydrangeas are a little waterlogged 😉

By late afternoon, the sun was peeking out … perfect timing for a shadow selfie (and a beer)!

What bright spot(s) did you find this weekend?

Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Weekending | Bright Spots.

  1. I was trying to choose my favorite bright spot, but I love 'em all! It looks like Sam and Charlie are growing like weeds (but, of course they are so much cuter than weeds)!

  2. Your bright spots are lovely! I had the bright spot of seeing my sister for the first time in a year. We had a great time!

  3. Your salad platter with green goddess dressing looks delicious! I am going to try that recipe…I've only made green goddess dressing from the Penzey's mix.

  4. yummy food, a guided tour by the sweetest 2 year old, a pretty exciting soccer game, and learning some new hand sewing skills made for a wonderful weekend.

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend 🙂 I love veggies and dip and could go for some of yours! I see your grands so I know that it was a perfect weekend.

  6. One bright spot from yours: happy smiles from your little guys! Always a treat. All the color form your weekend certainly chased away dreary rainy days…hope there's more sun in your sky this week…Cheers~

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