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This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to “consider what it means to be at the halfway point of the year. Did you state some intentions for 2017? If so, check in on them and give us an update. If you didn’t state any intentions then maybe you could tell us what you think so far about 2017 or perhaps you’d like to set some intentions for the second half of the year. Whatever you decide, however you approach this topic, regale us with your words!”

I did state intentions for 2017 – way back on January 5, which honestly seems like a lot longer than just five months ago:

more gratitude. 
more mindfulness. 
more exploring. 
more curiosity. 
more connecting. 
more yoga. 
more prayer. 
more letting (it) go. 
less busy. 
less worry. 

more light.
When I sat down this morning to prepare to write this post, I made a list of those intentions, leaving a little blank space after each. My plan was to go back and jot a few notes next to each one and then see what sort of story all that told. I didn’t make it very far. 
First, when I got to yoga, I crossed that out and wrote “pilates”. and then a big smiley face and a check mark. Since I started the 21 Days of Pilates challenge on March 6, I joined Robin’s Balanced Life Sisterhood and quit the YMCA (and my twice-weekly yoga routine). For the past three months, I’ve averaged about four pilates workouts a week and I am loving it. Now I just need to keep doing it. The good thing is that I can see the results, especially in the sleeveless tops and dresses I love to wear in the summer. 
When I got to the end of the list, what really hit me was the changes – big and little – that have happened since that early January list. Some I’ve already shared here, but not all:
1. Back in December, Marc started walking 3-1/2 miles at 6:00 am M-F. He invited me to join him in early January and that shared time has become – at least for me – one of my favorite parts of the day. I absolutely love watching the morning dawn over the lake, having almost an hour of uninterrupted time to talk and getting a nice head-start on the day’s exercise.
2. Marc left his old job at the end of January, sort of took a month off and officially started a new job March 1. I knew the old job was stressful, but it wasn’t until he started the new job – and would somedays leave the house and come home with a smile on his face – that I realized how awful it had become. It’s almost like there was a little black cloud hanging over him and us … and now it’s gone.
3. I started daily stitching.
4. Marc gave me an Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day. I had to give up my focus on steps (I got my first FitBit in 2013) and start thinking about simply moving. It wasn’t an easy transition, but now – four months in – I’m completely on board. I’m also even more of a fan (I’m sure my mom is now rolling her eyes and wondering how that could possibly be) of the Apple devices and how well they play together. 
5. Charlie & Sam (and their parents) moved. I gave up my day a week with each of them. 
6. A few days after they settled their moving plans, I was asked to take on a three-year commitment to lead the women’s ministry at our church. I said yes. The leadership role is shared among three women, with the “lead” lead role happening in the second year. My first year officially started last month. So far so good.
7. I decided to participate in #the100dayproject, with a focus on “finding light” through a daily photo. The daily photo habit is not new, but “finding light”, taking a photo and sharing it on Instagram … has some days been a challenge. But oh my goodness it’s been worth it and I cannot wait to see all 100 days together. (and to not share a photo on Instagram come July 13!)
8. I quit teaching. My last class was the one Betty attended back in April. I felt, for a lot of different reasons, that the time was right, but mostly I wanted more flexibility to spend time with the boys. I realized in early June that a month had passed and I hadn’t thought about it, let alone missed it. I’m still knitting (maybe more now than before?) but I’m not spending as much money on yarn/patterns and I’m certainly not spending as much time on Ravelry. I did miss the fellowship and inspiration; turns out most of my “in real life” friends are former students or LYS employees. This past Monday afternoon, a few of us met up at my house for knitting and I’m hopeful we’ll become an actual “group”. 
10. and started exploring Atlanta (with a toddler).
Katie asked me “what’s new?” yesterday and I replied “not much”. I don’t think I’d have that same answer today! 
The cumulative impact of all these changes on my daily routine – and my life in general – has been huge … and overall positive. Without taking much specific action on any one of those intentions (save the yoga pilates), I’m seeing progress on all of them.
I’m looking forward to seeing where all this takes me and my family over the rest of this year. My mom is planning to move in September and that will be a huge change, too – hopefully all positive (once the moving bumps are out of the way)!
Also looking forward to being “regaled by your words!” (linking up with Carole and Kat)

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  1. I figured by this point I'd be breathing a sigh of relief that the "major" projects at work are done, but now the process of looking for a new director begins, so work-probably won't settle down for a while. I have changed up my daily workout to be in the morning before work which I'm loving. Switching between yoga, cycling [indoor and out], elliptical and weights. Looking forward to an embroidery class in a week, and learning some new skills. Now to just get the knitting going in the right direction!

  2. I like how your life is changing and while that can be stressful you are bumping along finding the joy. I have been walking daily and in March I started watching a one year old for up to ten hours a week on Monday and or Thursdays. While it started as temporary until June, it looks like this will be permanent. I LOVE IT. I don't know why. The flexibility is awesome and of course the little girl is precious.

  3. I admire your commitment to exercise and walking daily with Marc. I'm so glad his new job is making him happier, I'm sure that spills over into everything else in your lives as well.

  4. What a year 2017 is turning out to be for you Mary! And good for you for taking on the three year commitment. That's a wonderful thing to do.

  5. I love that you listed all your changes since January; that is a perfect way to see how much things have changed, even if it feels like "not much". It's hard to imagine you not teaching, and being with Charlie and Sam on their days each week, but without those things, new opportunities have arisen and you've made the most of them. You've inspired me to make my own list, and if I don't see enough change, I'm going to make some happen!

  6. You've had many evolutionary changes happen in your routine. Almost every part of your day/week seems to have changed since January, but it sounds quite gradual and all positive. From where I sit, you live a life of well balance joy.

  7. That's a lot of change, but all good! You have made me realize that recently, I have avoided reflecting on my own life…it's direction and changes I might want to make…I need to be more disciplined in making my own list!

  8. Good for you with the pilates!! I just could not get into it…but I am sticking with (and getting better at) yoga. You have had an amazing year already…and despite your daughter's (and her family) move, the changes seem pretty positive. So nice that you and Marc walk together in the morning. I would love that, but Fletch walks late at night and sleeps later in the morning (opposite of moi). Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. It's always amazing to me how much our lives change constantly . . . and how we just kind of roll with it and make things work in altogether new and unexpected ways. Change is constant, that's for sure! It's good to sit back and reflect on things every now and again. (And I can certainly relate to Marc and his job change! Tom left his job a year ago now — starting his own consulting business. The first thing I noticed? The worry lines in his forehead – such a part of his former work-face – just . . . disappeared.) XO

  10. A solid beginning for the year, filled with surprises – that's life! Bg changes with your guys – the big one as well as the littles – have created new opportunities for all…blessings in disguise. I think you've found a very comfortable and rewarding niche and I'm looking forward to sharing more of your this year's journey…AK here you come!Cheers~

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