10 thoughts on “Think Write Thursday | Summer Bucket List.

  1. What a great list, Mary! Here's to a fun and productive summer. XO (And Jeni's ice cream For The WIN!!!)

  2. Great handwritten list! Looks like you have deliciously fun summer days ahead…looking forward to the trips with Charlie and seeing a whale, up close and personal. Enjoy!Cheers~

  3. Gallery wall? That sounds interesting! And, I have a pinterest board full of Gin Drinks! Summer and Gin are the best of friends!

  4. You will love Jeni's Ice Cream!! So yummy! My favorite new gin drink is really simple: Tanqueray and Grapefruit LaCroix with a wedge of lime. Hope you have a great summer. Ours officially started today since it was Meg's last day of school!

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