Unraveled Wednesday | Time.

Huh, how did it get to be almost 3pm already? I guess my unraveled story today is about time.

A late-ish early morning walk with Marc, a quick walk with Holly, a delightful 90 minute FaceTime with Honoré, a most Important waxing appointment, a latté, a pedicure, another quick walk, catching up on a bunch of blog posts and a few minutes with my latest book and knitting and I guess 3pm makes sense! Only the FaceTime and the Important appointment were on my calendar. Sometimes unraveling isn’t a bad thing!

The knitting is Colorwash (last seen here) and the book is The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kat‘s recommendation for “Set in a different country”). She told me it was one of those “you’ll need to get your own dinner” books and I have to agree!

I have an hour before I need to shower (yep, “retired” life is good 🙂 and dress to meet my sister for #negroniweek. I wonder how many pages I can read?

Have you enjoyed any unraveled time lately?

Joining in with Kat and crew today.

6 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Time.

  1. It all sounds so good!! Starting with Negroni Week (LOL). But, really: knitting, reading, friends, taking care of self, family…what could be better? Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  2. We celebrated the final arrival of the sun with vodka gimlets (With JoAnne of the Boone pic last week) but I'm grabbing some negroni this week….because I gotta know! 🙂 sounds like a fabulous day Mary!

  3. I'm not enjoying the fact that I'm unraveling the other front to meridian, I'm steadily falling out of love with this project and am considering frogging the whole thing and using the yarn for something else.

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