Looking Back | May 2017.

Today I’m looking back at May through the lens of my daily photos. Apparently I have a thing for shadows?! It was certainly a great month to be outside, and inside, things were pretty fun too. Morning walks and runs, drinks with friends, countless games of Yahtzee, porch views, another epic knitting project, a few flowers and a handful of little boy smiles. Indeed it was a very good month.

and thanks to my mom, I have one more fun thing to share with y’all. You remember this?

The puzzle lovers in my family (a group which does not include me 😉) had a great time with it during our Memorial Day lake trip. The comments on the post where I shared an “in process” photo made my mom think one of y’all might like to give it a try.  If you’d like to have it, please let us know in the comments. We’ll choose a winner and I’ll mail it to you. It would be great to give this puzzle a(nother) happy home!

Happy Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | May 2017.

  1. What a great look-back over a fun-filled month, Mary! The puzzle looks great (but please don't enter me in your contest). XO

  2. That looks like a fun puzzle (and we do enjoy them – lol). May was a great month – lots of shadows also means lots of sun. My favorite photo is definitely the two boys in the chairs. I still crack up when I think about it.

  3. As always, love revisiting all those happy little boys' smiles and all your other festivities. Good luck to a happy puzzler…Like you, I don't do puzzles and admire folk who do!Cheers~

  4. I LOVE puzzles!! AND I happen to be in your area this weekend, so no shipping! (How's that for shameless campaigning?)

  5. My favorite is the chair sitting pic as well. I love a puzzle but never, ever do them. Too much reading and knitting…and you need room!

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