…ahhh, the first full weekend of summer.  I drove with a friend to North Georgia Friday afternoon to visit with another friend who just started chemotherapy (breast cancer). It was all afternoon, but the drive was pretty and the view from my friend’s back deck (top center) is stunning… and she was having a good day so the visit was perfectly timed. 
Friday evening, a neighbor hosted an informal get-together (middle left) and we enjoyed the first fire pit of the summer on their back patio.
Saturday morning, I walked with Lauren (middle right); she’s finally getting back on her feet after two knee surgeries. Boy have we missed our walks!
Saturday afternoon I met up with friends to knit (no photo) and then went to the visitation for the mother-in-law of a dear friend. Of course it was nice to be there for Denise (and to see her daughter who’s starting vet school in Madison this fall and – finally – meet her son and husband) … and I didn’t even mind the unusually heavy traffic getting there thanks to One Hundred Years of Solitude on audible.
We saw the last of the sunshine Saturday evening (bottom middle) and I finally remembered to take a photo of the front porch pots. All the rain has done wonders for the flowers!
We woke up to rain yesterday (and it’s finally ending … there is a little blue sky outside the window as I type this). Somehow, Marc managed 16 holes of (very wet and muddy) golf while I comforted Holly and enjoyed a two hour FaceTime with Sara.
Last night’s dinner was Mexican. Marc loves to make all the things for that except the guacamole. I sort of consider that a specialty of mine … and last night’s batch (bottom left) was the second one of the weekend. I also made it for Friday’s get-together. Love that it’s the time of year when I have everything for guacamole – two batches even! – on hand!
Marc introduced Holly to popsicles and she’s a fan. I’m not sure what she likes about them (cold, wet is not at all her favorite thing), but now when Marc opens the freezer, she gets excited! 
…and just like that – it’s Monday. The week is off to a fine start – I spent over an hour on FaceTime with Kat this morning and wow! I normally spend Monday morning on house chores… what a welcome change of pace!
Hope your week is off to a great start, too!

10 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. Oh yes, ahhhh summer!! There was a little blip (in the form of a rain cloud) in the weather forecast this morning, but now the sun is out and the week is shaping up. 😉

  2. I'm a guac maker too! (One batch this weekend.) Looks like you had a bunch of wonderful events this weekend and a fabulous morning to kick off the week!

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely and flowering pots are so beautiful!! Our puppies always liked cold things. Moxie played with ice cubes when it was hot (and licked them, too).

  4. A great weekend filled with lots of color and friends. Love Holly's love for popscicle. Funny. Best wishes to your friend and her recovery from cancer.

  5. that is a super busy weekend. I hope your friend who started treatment has a speedy cure. Love the photos!

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