I have thirteen photos saved from the weekend (all with my phone … must do better next weekend!) and to make it easy on y’all, I made two collages. Can you tell which part of the weekend (barely even three hours long) was my favorite part?

Yep, sandwiched in between a sunny, relaxed Friday and Saturday day and a rainy, somewhat hectic with a meeting at church and a dog who doesn’t like to get wet Sunday … was dinner at Katie’s Saturday evening.

This was actually Marc’s first visit to their new house, which also meant the first time seeing Charlie and Sam (in person anyway) in over a month. Charlie had a great time giving Poppa a house tour, but his favorite part was certainly the pre-dinner bubbles. and little Sam is still just happy to be part of all the fun.

Hope you got to part of something fun this weekend, too. Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. you look like you'e adjusted to the move quite well, I love your enthusiasm and the happiness in your smile 🙂 Those boys are beautiful and lucky to have you in their lives.

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