Dear Me.

Today’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write about the advice we’d give our past and current selves.  Sadly, past me’s will never benefit from any advice I might share based on 54 years of experience. (I’m not sure those past me’s would’ve paid much attention anyway 😉.) But current me loves stuff like this. Here’s my advice to me. right now.

from yesterday’s morning walk – downtown Alpharetta

Dear Me:

You’re in a good place right now. You have a loving family, friends, good health and financial security. You get to spend most days doing things you enjoy.

Keep investing in those important relationships. It’s ok to say “no”. Be sure you exercise your mind, body and spirit every day. Spend wisely. Stay curious. Make memories. Share your stories. Take photos.

And always, be true to yourself.

xo – M.

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10 thoughts on “Dear Me.

  1. If I had known then what I know now! But I think I would also have ignored, and maybe even laughed at, any advice current me tried to offer past me. Does this make any sense? I'm terrible at time travel! P.S. Downtown Alpharetta looks so quaint!

  2. Good advice! I always wonder if I would be happier if I had done things differently years ago, and I don't think so. I can't change the past, but I can embrace the present moment and give it my best.

  3. I totally know I would have ignore my own advice, but I love yours and looking back (I have a dozen years on you) I think your advice of today is the best of all!

  4. hind sight is 20/20! I would never listen to my future self either. If I could give my younger self a message it would be to chill out and relax. The world isn't ending and you shouldn't act like it will.

  5. Oh, I think this is the best advice! (And, I agree with you – I would not have listened to the advice I gave myself. Somethings you just have to learn the hard way!)

  6. You are right, I don't think my past me would listen to anything I had to say. This is very inspiring for the now me.

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