The Bingo Cards are Ready!

Yes indeed – the summer bingo cards are ready! I’ve added a section for “summer book bingo” to the sidebar:

When you click the “card generator” link, you’ll see something like this

I suggest you refresh the page once (there’s a “refreshing” link at the top of the page) and then print your card. I snagged a screen shot of mine so I’d have an electronic copy as well.

There are 101 total categories – thank you everyone for your wonderful input and suggestions. It’s a solid – and fun! – list. And with that many categories, each card will be very different. I can’t wait to see what y’all end up with!

Remember, books you finish from Saturday, May 27 through Monday, September 4 count. It is perfectly ok to start reading now.

Happy Friday … and happy planning!

18 thoughts on “The Bingo Cards are Ready!

  1. I'm so excited, Mary! Thank you so much for taking the lead on this and creating the cards. Can't wait to create my card and get started on those squares!

  2. HOORAY, HOORAY! We've got a rainy weekend coming from a Nor'easter, so I'm going to get my card, start matching books to squares, and maybe even start reading. (But I'm excited enough about Book Bingo that I would be doing those things rain or shine.) Thank you so very much!

  3. Me too, me too! I'm excited. Will get my card today and try to match up some books over the weekend and start reading. YAY it's here! Thank you Mary.

  4. Since my summer is seeming pretty crazy right now, I would like to play along informally — if that is okay? I would like to think I can always fit some reading in somewhere (a necessity for staying sane). : )

  5. Tasting it again…for the first time…you are a real trooper to do this and we are all excited. Wish me luck…I really do need to be cloned;-))…Cheers~

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