Five Quick Things.

…on a travel Tuesday. As soon as I post this (and pack the car 😉), Holly and I are headed to Florida to visit my mom for a week.

1. I figured out where all the heat has gone. Here’s the forecast where Mother lives. yikes, right?!! I made a quick trip to Loft yesterday and bought three sleeveless dresses – coolest things I could think to wear.

2. Glad we’ll have blue skies for our drive.

3. I pulled out a long-time hibernating project yesterday to take as my “coffee time” knitting and was most pleasantly surprised to find I was further along on it than I remembered. (more on that soon.)

4. Gotta love Overdrive audio. I downloaded four books for the trip yesterday afternoon. fourteen hours in the car (seven each way) plus twice-daily walks with Holly equals lots of listening time.

5. Normally, I like to leave dark early for this drive, but since I-85 is still under repair I have to take a slightly different route – one that I’m not totally comfortable with and certainly not one I’d want to drive in the dark. So I had time this morning for all my usual things – a walk to the lake with Marc, pilates, journaling, and a quick walk with Holly. Feels nice to be grounded before we set out.

6:30 am

Next post from Florida! Happy Tuesday!!

11 thoughts on “Five Quick Things.

  1. If you've got books to listen to, knitting matched to the situation, and Holly, it sounds like you're all set! Safe travels and enjoy your time with your mom!

  2. Safe travels. Sounds like you are all set to go (actually on your way now I suppose). Have fun! And, do tell what audio books you downloaded!!

  3. Those are my kind of temperatures, and I had wondered where our lovely spring warmth had disappeared to. : ) Enjoy your visit!

  4. Yikes! That's warm. I was just looking at some forecasts for Spain and they're a good 20-30 degrees warmer than what we've been averaging!! Have a great trip!

  5. yea the 285 drag strip is not fun at all. can't wait to see the new dresses. you left some heat here-today will be almost 90. need sunscreen to drive home!

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