Hello May.

yesterday morning’s walk

Hello May,

Whoa, you snuck up on me! I’ll admit I wasn’t quite ready to see April go, but your cooler temperatures and bright blue skies are most welcome.

As are longer days; I love that our dark early walks aren’t so dark anymore and of course evening sunshine on the porch is always lovely.

Holly and I are looking forward to two trips – to Florida to visit my mom (hopefully the last time we’ll have to drive down I-75 to see her!) and Lake Oconee with the family for Memorial Day.

In between, I’m going to explore a bit with Charlie, kick off summer reading and finish up a few projects.

I’m also going to get my “big” camera out and start practicing. Alaska is just over three months away and I want to be ready!

Let’s do this, May, I’m ready!

xo, M.

the pots on our porch are ready for summer

13 thoughts on “Hello May.

  1. You've got lots of good stuff lined up! It still hasn't really sunk in to my mind that it's May, but thank you for the reminder that Memorial Day IS this month! Your porch pots are lovely and colorful (along with proof that your gardening is not all vicarious)!

  2. The weather turned quite cool and wet for us this week, so it hasn't felt very May-like quite yet . . . but hope springs eternal! 🙂 Sounds like you have some wonderful things lined up to fill your May days. XO

  3. Hey Hey! Happy May indeed! Especially since the weather for the next few weeks is cooler…it got too hot too quickly for my money. Love the 'cool down.' Looks like you've a busy month/soon-to-be summer ahead; look forward to sharing it with you. Enjoy!Cheers~

  4. You weather looks so fabulous. I'm hoping to plant my big pot on Mother's Day to enjoy its glorious flowers. Here's to a wonderful, eventful and joyful May, Mary!!

  5. Your month of May is looking pretty great! It's one of my favorite months, so I'm hoping it goes nice and slow.

  6. Go May! Your Mom will be happy to have you! I just booked a quick NC visit in July. The anticipation of travel makes everything not so pleasant so much easier don't you agree?!

  7. I just told Rusty this morning that it's so nice to see the light in the morning — before I even get out of bed!! The rain has finally stopped here, but we need to see a LOT more warmth before I begin wishing for "cooler days." Happy May Mary!!

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