Looking Back | April 2017.

Today I’m looking back at April through the lens of my daily photos. Now I understand why it seems like the month just flew by! nearly every single day was full … friends, travel, family, morning walks, and an epic knitting project. (also a record twelve selfies!)

I love how those two Wednesdays (first and third weeks) and the fourth Sunday stand out as moments of calm amidst all the activity. They’re important reminders of how much I need that early morning time and an occasional walk by myself … balance in all things (right, Kym?!)

What helps keep you balanced in the midst of crazy, full days?

6 thoughts on “Looking Back | April 2017.

  1. Oh, yeah! It's all about balance! (elusive though it may be) Your post reminds me of Gretchen Rubin's most excellent observation: The days are long, but the years are short. I'd say that goes for months, too. XO

  2. I can hardly believe it's already May, and your April must have felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Your photos are great, and I hope we get to see Renie's scarf this month. John and I still walk together every day after work, but that has turned into a needed venting session for him on a bad (and getting worse) work situation. I'm trying to work in a daily walk by myself to regain my balance.

  3. Balance is, well a balancing act. The last two weeks of April very much felt like that for me – super hectic and too full. So, I got out a pen and paper and I wrote all the things down – and there were so many things! And, many of those things were "volunteer resistance" things that were taking more and more of my time (and my sanity and peace at home were the cost) So, I started crossing things off that list – and I kept crossing things off until it felt balanced. And, here I am on May 2 and those decisions feel just as good, if not better. Sometimes, less is more 🙂

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