A Bookshelf Makeover.

aka how I spent* my first Tuesday without Charlie.

When I finished my closet “lightening” last month, I mentioned maybe wanting to tackle the bookshelf in my office. Today – that happened! It’s not nearly as fun as a smiling toddler (and I’m just about as pooped out as one of those Tuesdays) but it feels good. and if any of y’all have similar projects waiting in the wings, maybe this will help.
I remembered to take the “before” photo this time. It looks a little different than the one I shared six weeks ago because this bookcase and the space in front of it seems to be my dumping ground. These shelves store books, knitting stuff (needles, yarn, patterns), photos and a few other bits of memorabilia**. 
My main purpose with today’s project was the books and the yarn and I decided to tackle the books first. I did not follow Marie Kondo’s process and empty everything out. Instead, I went shelf by shelf and aggressively culled my collection. Along the way, I rearranged. Here’s what I was a left with after that first step.
And here’s what I’m donating
and returning to the gracious ladies who’ve loaned me books I don’t have any near-term plans to read.
I even brought back books that had been living in other places in my house. I do still have a small collection of books on my desk (but that’s a post for another day)***.
Next, I tackled the yarn. I’ve done this (a few times) before, so I wasn’t expecting to find much, but I did want to take stock. I pulled ALL the yarn off the shelves (sorry, no photo!), sorted through it and then purposefully put it all back. In the process, I found two skeins of green wool that I know I was saving for a hat … that hopefully someone else will knit. The rest just got organized.
How about two empty shelves??!! 
I also revisited my Ravelry queue. I added and deleted (and didn’t really make much attempt to organize) and ended up with 22 projects. I have yarn for 21 of those and I do intend to knit them! That 22nd project is the Calliopsis cowl that Kat mentioned two weeks back and I do intend to knit that too…with Shibui Reed that I just might be purchasing tomorrow. (Like I said, no order to the queue!)
I suppose it’s a post for another day, too, how I might actually work my way through 22 projects. stay tuned.
And after the bookshelf, a walk with Renie and a trip to the mailbox, there’s this
My newest word, thank you to dear Honoré****, and the timing could not have been better. I like making little shrines with the words and this one fits right in with I Carry Your Heart and the photo books/albums I have of the boys (on an end table in our keeping room).
Getting a project done felt like a good way to spend today. But I hope future Tuesdays are a lot more interesting … for all of us! I also hope they include some knitting (which today has … so far anyway, not!)
*in addition to running a few errands, voting and enjoying an afternoon walk with a girlfriend 😉
**I decided up front that the bottom shelf was going to be off-limits. That’s where I have all my knitting patterns, magazines, books, etc. and our high school and college yearbooks. We have room. The shelves are neat enough. Not going there!
***I also have books in my living room and a few other “decorative” places in the house. Again, we have room and I like having the books be a real part of the decor.
****Honoré has been gifting me wooden words for years – you can see a few of them in the bookshelf – mere, focus, shine.

13 thoughts on “A Bookshelf Makeover.

  1. Kudos to you for the "makeover." Lookin' good! Are you sure you only have 22 projects in the wings…not 58 ;-))! I love the Marmie and book arrangement…perfect! And I can't believe you DID not knit today…but the day is still young. Enjoy and knit on!Cheers~

  2. This looks like quite the culling, organization, and great way to spend your first Tuesday without Charlie! Books have been easier for me to get rid of since they became digital, but I still have a couple of big bookshelves with ones that I just can't part with (and maybe a few boxes of children's books that I'm really attached to!) I love your wooden words, and the fact that you've accomplished enough today and I hope you are knitting!

  3. now that is a productive day! I bet you were sore after all of that rejiggering! I loved that you remembered to take a before photo. I have a tendency to forget that crucial part. Looks lovely!

  4. You inspire me to tackle my bookshelves! I have a vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, so that might be a good project for when I return.

  5. Oh yeah!! It feels SO GOOD!! With the changes at my house, I've been spending some time culling and organizing, and have already made a few trips to drop donations.

  6. Wow! Talk about productive! Congratulations on a great job. I ended up donating a ton of books a couple of years ago…they were everywhere (every single room except the upstairs bathroom). I do want books in every room, but it was a little out of control. Love your wooden words too – they are a treat.

  7. My goodness, that's cleared some space … What a lot of nice emptiness! I really want to have a go at our bookshelves – once I get through the current load of other stuff to do!

  8. Your Tuesday was well spent and the result is looks refreshing and rewarding. I have a books shelf the length of my room that needs attention. Your arrangements of books and keepsakes is inspiring. I hope to tackle my shelf soon.

  9. What a productive Tuesday! And, I love the words! You might inspire me to do the same tomorrow! Gah! Really? Before and After photos? Okay… I am pondering that!

  10. What a successful day! And what a wonderful gift from Honore. I did the books a couple of years ago and can see that it's time to tackle again. The one thing you inspired me to do soon though is claim the desk in our front living room. It's serving no purpose. I think I'm going to change that!

  11. I hope you properly rewarded yourself after completing the project. I've decided to tackle washing all my hand knit sweaters while it is warm but not humid-we'll see how many I get done over the next few days while Steve is out of town and I can use the office and his side of the bedroom!

  12. You are inspiring me to organize my yarn and books. I have everything stashed all over the house. Now that my middle daughter has moved to her own apartment, I think I will be claiming her old room as my yarn room!!

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