Smile | Beaufort 2017.

We really had a wonderful time.

from last night’s dinner
I’m sure you can’t tell.
I took this parting shot this morning on the drive out of town. The road makes a hard turn to the left just after this and that turn always signals the end of the weekend. 
…and now back to reality.  
Katie called on the drive home to say they had the keys to their new home (Monday closings are wonderful, I think!); and earlier she texted that her drive from the office to the new house was only 12 minutes. The moving vans come Thursday. Tomorrow is my last Tuesday with Charlie and Thursday, well… 
I did not watch last night’s Homeland finale, but I peeked at the spoiler threads after dinner. I told Sara I would watch this afternoon, so I need to get on that!
More soon.

13 thoughts on “Smile | Beaufort 2017.

  1. The photos are a PERFECT accompaniment for the wine label, and describes the weekend. I was a little exhausted after that drive, but think the sun streaming in had a little something to do with that!

  2. That wine looks like it might have been bottled and labeled just for you and your weekend! I'm glad for a successful closing and shorter commute for Katie, but definitely not so much for the last Tuesday with Charlie and Thursday. 😦 XO

  3. Welcome home! Sounds as though you had a wonderful time (picture proof!). Like others, i'm glad for Katie's shorter, less stressful commute. But I know it's bittersweet for you. Enjoy this Tuesday!

  4. I'm glad you had a fun weekend away – a good set up for the upheaval in your schedule that's coming. Dale and I sat down to watch Homeland and I promptly fell asleep!

  5. Welcome home Mary and so happy you had a great weekend! Here's hoping your Tuesdays and Thursdays bring you a new surprises and that a new kiddo schedule will fall into place soon!

  6. The photo of light is stupendous. What a treat it will be to review this at the end of the 100 days! Oh, I'm so sad that Thurs is moving day. Sending all of you lots of v-ugs (virtual hugs).

  7. Your family looks so happy together! How fun you have this time together every year. Your life will be a little different next week and I know you'll explore and discover now options for both your own time and your time with the boys!

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