Knitting Colors.

It’s no secret that I love to wear neutrals. and since that’s mostly what I wear, it’s also mostly what I knit. So it was kind of a shock in class today that I was wearing a blue sweater and knitting on two decidedly colorful pieces (Brights and Sunshine Coast).

Of course the next few projects in my queue will get me back to my comfort zone (a cream cardigan, two pullovers in shades of gray and a cream/gray wrap). But I think I’m going to explore colors more, especially with accessories. I saw a friend before class and she was wearing this scarf. We got to talking about making it in Shibui’s new linen, Reed. Shibui has great neutrals and pretty pops of color. to be continued….

13 thoughts on “Knitting Colors.

  1. I'm another lover of grey and off-whites and creams – but long for colour sometimes too! I clicked through to your link and those soft linen colours are gorgeous. Looking forward to the continuation!

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! So surprised to see those bright colors in your knitting. I, too, love the neutrals, but this could be fun!!

  3. I do love your Brights, and am also looking forward to seeing what you put together for a possible Riddler. Those Reed colors are gorgeous!

  4. I WEAR neutrals (mostly black and grey), but I LOVE color. I used to knit with colors all the time — but then I never actually ended up wearing any of the things I had knit! Now, I mostly knit with neutrals (nothing too wild and crazy) — but color is so much more fun! Love that orange and pink combination!

  5. Love the color…as you well know…and neutrals are always the perfect complement/compliment to a pop o' color. looking forward to seeing the FOs.Cheers~

  6. Having a mix of colors and neutrals is nice. I'll look forward to seeing your color choices – so many pretty ones to choose from.

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