Happy Weekend!

It’s not often that I get to 5 o’clock on Friday and have all the items on my list checked off. Today, those items included getting our taxes ready for the accountant, a trip to Costco and dropping off last week’s consignment pieces.

Opening up the first pinot grigio of the season (because it was supposed to be 73 degrees and full-on sunny today … weather folks lie!) and a new book, along with my first knitting of the day seems like the perfect way to celebrate.

Happy Weekend – hope y’all have a good one!

10 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Oh that sounds great. I got all the tax stuff together a week or so ago…just waiting for our appointment at the end of the month. And it started snowing just as I was leaving for work today! On the flip side, I left work at 11 and managed to get in 2 pilates episodes! I'm living it!! Enjoy your weekend Mary.

  2. There is nothing like a completely checked-off list at the end of the week (not that I would really know how that feels)! I finally went and joined Costco, and while it was full of an overwhelming array of stuff, I was so disappointed that due to some stupid NJ law they don't carry wine!

  3. I always schedule tax appt in April! Done! And papers gathered. Geez, I didn't know I was so ahead of myself. Enjoy your weekend and I hope the weather people redeem themselves…we're expecting a high of 37 here, today – Sat 3/11.Cheers~

  4. It's now 5 on Saturday, but I can also say my list is complete. I managed to finish the closet project, completed my will questionnaire so I can have a new one drawn up. Dropped stuff at various places this morning, and got my next book club book. Once I get caught up on blogs I'm going to settle in for an evening of knitting. Happy weekend indeed!

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