Thursdays with Sam | Four Months.

What a difference a month makes. especially when it’s 25% of your whole life! Today was my first day with Sam since early February. We had a great time. Gone are the worries about bottles and sleeping in a strange room. and in between the bottles and naps, we took plenty of photos (and sent his mama lots of text messages), 

including a few selfies,

read a few of our favorite board books (Goodnight Moon, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Everywhere Babies),
and practiced “talking”. Since he was last here, he’s found his voice. I love how he concentrates when he’s getting the sounds out.
(and now I’m ready for a nap and a glass of wine!)
The Think Write Thursday crew is writing letters to March today. I’ll be back with mine tomorrow. Happy Thursday!

12 thoughts on “Thursdays with Sam | Four Months.

  1. Just look at sweet little Sam growing up and smiling! You really put things in perspective for me about how fast babies grow and change when you pointed out that a month was 25% of Sam's life. I just did the math and I'm pretty sure I looked different 15 years ago, so I guess it's true for adults also!

  2. All those smiles! So much fun to see Sam more comfortable and happy. You certainly deserved your glass of wine and a nap!

  3. Oh my! What a difference a month makes! I love those chubby cheeks and that very.expressive face. A real winner! So glad we get the chance to spend Thursdays with Sam, too! YAY!Cheers~

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