Watercolor Wednesday | Spring Colors.

We didn’t see any blue skies on today’s morning walk, but the colors near the ground more than made up for it.

I know many of y’all are seeing wet white and gray today … figured you might like to see a bit of spring – even if it’s just a picture (or three)!

11 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday | Spring Colors.

  1. So pretty! Like Nancy, it is mild here today (foggy this a.m. and Spring-like…though no pretty colors around) and forecast to get 8-10" of snow tomorrow!

  2. It may be spring in your neck of the woods, but we're still expecting snow this weekend. However! Spring is in the air…the sky in clean!

  3. As the weather woman said about our weather tonight – from shorts to shovels, so your pictures are very welcome – thank you!

  4. We're having a weird winter here . . . cold then warm, then cold then warm. But . . . the skies are consistently cloudy and grey. Ugh.

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