Thursdays with Sam.

…officially began today! The morning was a little rough, but by this afternoon we’d found a good groove. He drained his bottles, napped like a champ … and posed for the camera.

We even took a selfie.

And looked through his mama’s photos to see if we could find one at about his same age.

Now can you see why I’ve been saying Sam looks like his mama?! (also note the outfit – I’m guessing this photo was taken in early May … already sleeveless weather 😊)

p.s. the Think Write Thursday crew is writing letters to February today. I’ll be back with mine tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Thursdays with Sam.

  1. Oh my, look at that resemblance! You are spot on. And how nice that Sam is already getting the hang of the fact that posing for a photo or two is part of the routine :).

  2. Yep. He looks like Katie! What a sweet little guy. What a treat that you have Tuesdays AND Thursdays with your very special boys. XO

  3. Sam is just a cutie! I am so looking forward to seeing him grow up, just as we have been watching big bro' Charlie. Lucky little boys to have Marmie all to themselves, each, one day a week. Lucky Marmie!Cheers~

  4. They do look just alike! What lucky boys to have you and their own special time. (I hope for that one day!) Enjoy your weekend Mary…it's going to be very exciting! xo

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