Tuesdays with Charlie | Play (and rest).

When I picked Charlie up this morning, his folks were happy to report that he’d slept in … ’til 6:15am.  His usual wake-up time is closer to 5:30, so I wasn’t quite sure what our day might bring.  We started off with steamed milk and cereal, but he wanted to get upstairs to “play toys”. So we did.

I shared this collage on Instagram with the caption “two minutes of toddler time” – seriously y’all – the first photo (building) was at 8:19am and the last (all knocked down and ready to start over) was at 8:21am. two minutes. 
He proceeded at that pace all morning. More legos, puzzles, a book, a trip to the library and then to Whole Foods (pizza! for lunch)
Then we did our usual nap routine – milk and stories (today he chose The Little Engine that Could and Snow Day) – and then sleep.
52 minutes later he woke up. And I decided we both needed a little more rest. Marmie’s lap worked perfectly.
And then – my happy little guy was back again. With enough humor to make funny faces for the photo booth.

Here’s to naps! and the complete bliss of being two.

12 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Charlie | Play (and rest).

  1. Two year olds are just so very busy! When Brian was a little guy, we used to say that he had two speeds —- "fast" and "fast asleep." :-)(Those eyelashes. . .)

  2. Busy! Busy! Seems he takes after Marmie with his awaking hour…and as always, thanks for our Tuesday treat. So looking forward to tomorrow – Thursday with little brother Sam. More fun and happiness. Cheers~

  3. Naps & snuggles are the best!! We are completely into the build it/knock it down thing here, too. I remember my own kids — much older than toddler age — building block towers as tall or taller than they were… only to knock them down right away and start again. I guess… "building" is the point of playing with blocks, though a few minutes of appreciation for a well-built tower would be nice. Haha!

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