Waiting and Watching | Week Seven.

yesterday afternoon
playing with the light (and yep, that’s a knitting needle holding up the stalks!)

The main reason I planted amaryllis bulbs this year was to re-live a bit of the magic our first one brought us last January. These blooms are certainly not as stunning as last year’s (whoa, those white stripes and whoa – all those blooms!), but this one got the timing right.

Sunday afternoon there were still just buds

but by Monday afternoon there were blooms!

I’m betting the bright sunshine yesterday and today will get that third bud to open by this afternoon.

Today’s waterlogue is again the Color Bloom filter, chosen for the beautiful way it portrays the blooms, their reflection and their shadow. and that touch of blue in the window…well that’s just serendipity!

Happy Wednesday!

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9 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching | Week Seven.

  1. So, you have one white and one red! I thought for a moment or two my mind was playing tricks…these are stunning and the waterlogue *is* indeed the best for capturing the nuances of colors. Cheers~

  2. I'm so glad that you have such beautiful and well-timed amaryllis blooms! I'm a bit envious of that sunshine, but even if we don't have any here, I'm very glad that you had it to coax those buds open.

  3. It seems each amaryllis is spectacular in its own way and these blooms are just beautiful! We enjoyed some sunshine today for the first time in two weeks and I'm still on the hunt for tulips.

  4. Between the two you've had weeks and weeks for beautiful blossoms to enjoy and admire. Now I wish I'd tried to find bulbs that would get me through the tedious gray of January! Thank you for sharing your beauties!

  5. Amaryllis blooms are just the perfect thing for dreary winter. (Your sunshine has me quite envious. We don't get much of that in the winter. Just . . . dreary gray. Every day.) XO

  6. You blooms are stunning! I'm so happy I took the time to get one going. It has brought a bright spot to a very gray winter!

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