Waiting and Watching | Week Five.

Three of those eight white blooms from last week are still holding on, but this week’s real stunner is on the second bulb.

At least I hope it’s a stunner… waiting in the wings.

Today’s waterlogue is another new filter – Fashionable. chosen entirely because of the way it rendered the collage. I love the pops of pink and the faint, suggestive outlines of the words.

These photos were actually taken yesterday; Holly and I are headed to Florida this morning to visit my mom for a few days. Hoping to share a few posts while we’re there. I’m itching to see what the #blueskyblooms are up to!

Happy Wednesday!

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14 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching | Week Five.

  1. Looking great! The first two blossoms on my first amaryllis are done but I've still got 4 left and 3 more to come! Have a great time in Florida, I'm looking forward to photos of palm trees.

  2. Florida sounds lovely right about now . . . as the skies continue to be dark and dreary here . . . and the snow has turned into winter rain. Ugh. (Thank goodness for amaryllis bulbs!)

  3. Love the "naked" photos, the fashionable filter, and am so looking forward to FL photos! It's gray, cold, and rainy here, so I'll be glad to see some blue sky and blooms.

  4. I was going to toss my "dud" amaryllis yesterday since it hasn't shown any sign of life since I planted it on Dec. 10th. Then, I noticed it is putting up a green shoot, maybe there is hope! Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful visit with your mom!

  5. Trust your drive was swift…and that it's not snowing where you are…the amaryllis is doing its part to keep all of us intrigued…all sorts of surprises await your return. Enjoy your time with your Mom.Cheers~

  6. Wishing you safe journeying and beautiful blooms on your return … The Waterlogued photo has lots of interesting detail.

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