Tuesdays with Charlie | One Story.

A few of y’all might remember the “sleeping bag days” (which officially ended way back in September shortly after he turned two). He’s been doing great in his big boy bed, but our furnace is on the blink (thankfully it waited until after the ice storm) and the repairman showed up just before nap. The attic door to said furnace is right outside Charlie’s room… and it seemed prudent to have nap back downstairs today.

Much has changed since those summertime sleeping bag days

a pillow and a new sleeping position for starters… and of course now there’s a blanket. and little Holly  in the picture. literally. they’re really becoming friends. not always with me in the middle.

Two is turning out to be a very fun age!

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  1. Nothing like a furnace going out on a cold day…hope everything's warm and toasty now…or on it's way there. Charlie looks perfectly content and Holly's happy to be watching over him. They're going to be "fast friends" before you know it.Stay warm…fingers xxxd.Cheers~

  2. Trusting that your heating is now fixed and you can relax into cosy warmth? And how blissfully comfy Charlie looks – what a great ability just to be able to let go into sleep when you need to. He clearly feels very safe and cared for …

  3. I'm so glad Charlie and Holly are becoming friends! Sometimes it takes awhile. . . It looks like Holly is "guarding" her sleeping boy. XO

  4. Sweet pictures. It is nice that he naps so readily for you (or do you exhaust him? LOL). Does look like Holly is guarding him.

  5. Furnace issues are always tough (last week we had a problem, too!). So cute to see Charlie sleeping soundly with Holly very near. How wonderful they've become friends!

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