Weekending | Frozen.

Long story short, the “three to five inches of snow” thing didn’t happen. Instead, the chilly rain that started Friday afternoon (while Marc and I were on our walk … brrrr) turned briefly to snow overnight, and left a covering of ice by Saturday morning.

For the first time in a long while, Marc and I spent the weekend home alone. He didn’t even venture outside yesterday. (Holly and I – of course! – had to … but only twice.) We took turns on the treadmill. We watched all of The Crown (his first time and my second – enjoyed it even more on the re-watch). I finished three knitting projects, including Rob Roy (seen above). We napped. We cooked (real food and snack-y stuff). We FaceTimed with our favorite toddler.  We drank a lot of coffee (and I did finish a half gallon of milk, so that crazy trip to the store Thursday evening wasn’t wasted!) and I drank some wine (and caught up with my neighbor Friday evening).

All things considered, it was pretty good. But I’m looking forward to getting back out this morning. Hopefully Costco has restocked. and I’ve got a date at the gym for a walk and a yoga class. We’re going to try walking outside – it’s supposed to be almost above freezing by noon!

Here’s to sunshine and warmer temperatures! Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “Weekending | Frozen.

  1. I remember when Tom and I lived in Austin … and how everything came to a standstill if the temperatures dropped below freezing or (hold on to your hats!) if it snowed! Those regional weather differences are quite amazing. I hope things warm up soon — so you can get on with your normal routines. XO

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! And I did finish the Crown and I loved it! It was -4 when I headed to class this morning…I've had enough of that! xo

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I stayed in Saturday (it snowed and was colder than cold). Yesterday was sunny but way too windy to enjoy being out. Hope you can warm up a bit today.

  4. Ack! Ice storms are no fun anywhere! I hope the roads are clear and Costco is restocked! (They are on my list today as well!) Nice job on your finished Rob Roy – mine has been in a bit of time out…

  5. Hope you've warmed up and life has returned to normal. We and bitter temperatures last week and then south winds ramped it up to 50 last night! Snow is melting so fast it's causing flooding. Winter is so weird! Coming spring!

  6. The anticipation of a snow day is always kind of fun, but I'm glad you didn't have to deal with actual snow, especially without a shovel! We were also below zero this morning, and like Patty, I think that's quite enough of that. Hope you're above freezing and seeing some sun!

  7. I hate ice, with a passion. Nasty slippery stuff! Your decision to hunker down indoors sounds good and quite blissful from your description :).

  8. This is not my favorite time of the year but thankfully, no ice here -yet. Your weekend sounds wonderful despite the frozen conditions! Hope it warmed up enough for your outside walk.

  9. No snow – well, not much, in these parts and for sure, no ice, thankfully. Considering the weather and your limited options, I'd say being housebound for a couple days was a treat in disguise. Glad you were able to enjoy, despite the outer elements.Warmer days just around the corner…Cheers~

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