Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

In spite of the cloudy, wet weather, both plants seem to be growing! Still, I’m sure they’re appreciating the sunshine today.

I am, too! I’ve got a list of things to do inside but hopefully Holly and I can sneak out for a walk this afternoon. We need to experience sunny high 50’s first-hand…I have a feeling we won’t see weather again like this until next year 😉

Happy Solstice!

(Week One)

10 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

  1. They look great! I bet you'll have blossoms opening on the tallest one within a week or so. The companion plants really add to the planter; I might have to try that next year. I hope the smaller one will be ready in January when you and your sister are looking for blooms.

  2. Looking good! Afraid my Christmas Cactus isn't doing so well…I moved it upstairs where it hopefully will get more sun…fingers crossedXXX.Cheers~

  3. They sure look healthy! It sounds like it was a beautiful day in your neck of the woods – thankfully, our temperatures have warmed up a bit.

  4. I'm beginning to think that the amaryllis I bought this year is a dud, it has been 10 days and there are no signs of life. It looks like you will be enjoying some beautiful blooms…enjoy!

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