On Reading | Looking Back and Looking Ahead.

I’m glad I can say 2016 was a good year…for reading! Way back in January, I set a goal to read 60 books. I did that…and a few more. Even discounting Fox’s Socks (the one I shelved “with Charlie”), that total surprised me. It certainly didn’t feel like I was finishing two books a week, but that’s what the numbers say I averaged. The Read Harder Challenge and Summer Bingo certainly helped the total (those two challenges each contributed 24 books) and definitely contributed to the overall quality of what I read: click here to see more details I rated … Continue reading On Reading | Looking Back and Looking Ahead.

Waiting and Watching | Week Three.

With all the zeal of the newly converted, “WOW!” or maybe “Whoa, that was fast!” I took these photos yesterday afternoon – maybe 48 hours after I noticed the first bloom on Christmas Day. …and then just for fun, this morning I played around with one of them. I think I like what Waterlogue does with the pictures and the birds even more than the amaryllis. Happy Wednesday! (Week One, Week Two) Continue reading Waiting and Watching | Week Three.

Sheffield Family Christmas | 2016.

We had our annual family gathering yesterday at my sister’s. We’ve been doing this for years (maybe 20?) and the tradition has evolved into simply gathering on a holiday afternoon with fun food and drinks. Of course, “simply gathering” is a challenge now that three of the cousins live out of state, but everyone was there (and my mom is excited to be joining the party next year). No more group photos either (here’s one from 2008). It’s hard enough to get everyone in one room! Here are most of us, listening to younger niece Paula read Merry Christmas, Curious George. … Continue reading Sheffield Family Christmas | 2016.

Weekending | Christmas.

I was the last one to bed last night. Catching up on a few podcasts, casting on a new project, looking at the twinkling lights on the tree … a welcome pause after a full weekend. Saturday started dark early. I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep (just like a little kid, excited for Christmas!). I sat down on the sofa with a cup of coffee and finally finished a Christmas book. Marc was up early too, and it was fun to be together in the kitchen. He made Nuts and Bolts (aka Chex Mix) while … Continue reading Weekending | Christmas.

Around Here.

… it’s beginning to look – and feel* – like Christmas. I took a few photos this afternoon and wanted to share them with y’all (and document for myself so I remember next year). Here’s the entry hall. Just three poinsettias. There was a fourth, but he went into this week’s trash. maybe because that splash of sunshine didn’t come until just a few days ago. or maybe because I overwatered… Looking off to the right is the dining room. Those big poinsettias flanking the breakfront and the greens topping it are traditional, but the centerpiece on the table is … Continue reading Around Here.

Throwback Thursday | 1965.

I was three. We lived in southeast Texas (note the open window!). My dad worked for Texaco and back then one of their gasoline blends was called Fire Chief. Perfect for this hat! I remembered this photo when Charlie donned his fire chief hat for the photo with my mom last month. But it wasn’t until I looked more closely that I saw the similarity in the two dads. Both with big smiles … having a ball being dads! The Think Write Thursday crew is tackling a challenging topic this week – about staying positive when everything is going wrong. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | 1965.

Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

In spite of the cloudy, wet weather, both plants seem to be growing! Still, I’m sure they’re appreciating the sunshine today. I am, too! I’ve got a list of things to do inside but hopefully Holly and I can sneak out for a walk this afternoon. We need to experience sunny high 50’s first-hand…I have a feeling we won’t see weather again like this until next year 😉 Happy Solstice! (Week One) Continue reading Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

A Morning with Sam.

Charlie’s dad is on vacation this week, so Charlie enjoyed a leisurely breakfast out with his parents. And I got to spend two whole hours alone with Sam. This is the first time Katie’s left him when he’s been awake; I was honored. She asked for photos and of course I obliged. Look at that tongue. and those blue eyes. I finally got a little smile…which I thought might even turn into a laugh. Sadly not. …and a few minutes later playtime was over. (knitting time!) And one last chapter in the sample knitting saga. Early this morning I wove … Continue reading A Morning with Sam.

Holiday Knitting.

Yesterday, I invited three of my best knitting friends (who are also, lucky me! family) over for some “holiday knitting”. I mixed up a batch of sangria and chilled a bottle of prosecco. because of course drinks! Everyone brought a snack to share and cookies to swap. It was a beautiful spread. Katie (with Sam), Lydia , “the spread”, and Karen Knitters do just about everything better don’t they?, especially food. Katie brought vegetables and a warm spinach parmesan dip; Lydia made cranberry brie phyllo triangles; and Karen contributed bacon wrapped scallops (which she says she bought frozen at Trader … Continue reading Holiday Knitting.