Throwback Thursday | Fifty!

I turned 50 four years ago and I had a most wonderful party to celebrate. Obviously four years ago I was not playing along with NaBloPoMo, because I never shared much about it here.

The party was November 16, the Friday before Thanksgiving back in 2012. My folks were already here for Thanksgiving – and everyone else in my family lived here then. Karen hosted, Katie helped and I know the rest of the girls pitched in with flowers and food. It was a completely lovely party and I had a ball.

Katie coordinated the decorations, which included birthday photos from years (and years!) ago. I think she and Karen coordinated the cocktails together – of course they did a fabulous job! (I have the best memories of gin, a spiced simple syrup, maybe a little lemon, and a little seltzer… and I still ask Katie to recreate it for me every November.)

Karen baked my cake – by request a brown sugar pound cake. It was delicious.

Here I am – much later – when I realized that the candles in the cake were the kind you couldn’t blow out. (don’t you love the looks on everyone’s faces?!)

And my mom – just last night!! – admitted they’d been her idea … Karen has taken the blame all these years 🙂

…and a little later with the five of us “just family”.

Katie and Rob were still planning their wedding (for May of the following year). And Sara was still in college … in a city where it rarely snows 🙂 Who knew what changes our little family would see in the next four years?!

I feel very blessed to be spending my 54th birthday with many of these same people. My mom arrived yesterday and we’ll be meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law for lunch. Then Katie has invited Mother and me for “birthday cocktails” – I cannot wait for my mom to meet little Sam and see how much Charlie has grown up since she last saw him (Memorial Day!)

Happy Birthday to me! and thank you for sharing in the celebration!

18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Fifty!

  1. All the best wishes for a fun, loving birthday and a year ahead filled with every possible joy. I think you may need to share the cocktail recipe…just sayin'…..

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, with lots of cake, cocktails, family, and knitting! I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful year ahead!

  3. Thanks for sharing the story of your 50th birthday party! I feel like I was there. And Happy Happy Birthday, my friend! Enjoy your time with all of your family!

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