Throwback Thursday | Reflected.

My mind is full of Matthew today. This morning’s Bible study went well, but leading a lesson is always exhausting. and then there’s the hurricane. My mom is in the Tropical Storm Warning zone, far enough from the coast that she’s staying put. My brother drove down this morning so she’s got company. I had lunch today with a friend who evacuated from the South Carolina coast. Many of my friends are hosting evacuees from Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. At this point, it’s hard to imagine it can be as bad as they’re forecasting (and we’re only hoping it’s not worse).

So in light of all that – I thought I’d share two photos I found this morning. They made me smile and I think you’ll enjoy them, too.

This is me (age three months), held by my grandfather. That mirror hung over the fireplace in their living room.

and this is Katie (age three years), also held by my grandfather in front of that same mirror.

I’m glad I didn’t take the exact same photo because seeing the smile in my grandfather’s eyes makes this one extra special. (and I think I might see a little bit of Charlie in Katie’s smile… so far we think he looks like his dad, but maybe there is a little bit of his mama in him, too!)

Happy Thursday! and I hope any loved ones in Matthew’s potential path are safe and sound elsewhere.

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  1. I was thinking about your mom today . . . and figured she was might be close to the storm. The mother of one of my friends here in Kalamazoo lives in Melbourne — so right in the thick of things; she (my friend) is beside herself with worry. Sending all the postive juju for safe outcomes. (And you're right! I do think Charlie has Katie's smile!) XO

  2. I'm watching the news this morning and worrying about the hurricane and hoping that everyone is safe. Pictures like the ones you shared today are so precious.

  3. Matthew is turning out to be a doozy. Know that Polly and Steve will be fine in the "bunker", but I was wondering about the lakes and the moat nearby and possible flooding. Happy Friday and love the TBT photos.

  4. I'm just watching the news about the hurricane & pray for the safety of everyone in its path. I love your TBT pictures!

  5. Ah, that's a lovely pairing! How special to have both of these … Hoping all is well with your Mum, and that your lovely regions will be spared the worst effects of the hurricane.

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