The last weekend of October really felt more like early September here, but it certainly looked like fall. I had fun seeing my Saturday and Sunday morning walks through a Prisma filter. These first two are Kathakali and this one is Mosaic. (and yep, the camellias are starting to bloom!) There was also a little bit of cooking, which provided me the perfect opportunity to drop in on my favorite little family Friday evening and again on Sunday morning (when I also got baby snuggles). There was even some knitting. One sleeve done! I need to kick Sigla back into … Continue reading Weekending.

FO Friday | Baby (Knits).

Katie’s little family is settling in at home; they even managed a bit of sleep last night! I visited this morning and had a chance to chat with Katie (has it really been just four days since we took that last walk in the park?!) … and – finally! – to really meet little Sam. He’s a sweetheart for sure. Katie was a great sport about having him model the little hats. I’m sure it helped that he slept soundly through the whole thing! We tried one on and I’m happy they are a little big, but not so big … Continue reading FO Friday | Baby (Knits).

Glimpses of Fall | Bookends.

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic invites us to write about the view from our window, focusing on a fall theme. I’m finding words a little to come by today, but I did keep my eyes open and my camera ready. This morning, Holly and I enjoyed a long walk in the park. The entire two miles of trail is just about picture perfect right now. This evening, I’m enjoying the porch with a glass of wine and a book, then a little album of baby photos to share with my girls at bookclub tonight, and finally this blog post. … Continue reading Glimpses of Fall | Bookends.

Welcome Sam!

If you follow me on Instagram this isn’t new news, but hey! Katie had her baby yesterday! Little Sam came easy (especially compared to his brother) into the world and has – of course – already stolen our hearts. I have seen him…but haven’t yet held him… because I’ve been making sure his older brother doesn’t feel neglected 🙂 Credits also to his Poppa and Great Aunt Karen… it does take a family! Sadly, my Sigla hasn’t felt that same love. (although those dpn’s do mean I’ve started the sleeves… two rounds even!) So yep, it’s not going to be … Continue reading Welcome Sam!

Tuesdays with Charlie | A Full Lap and Some Knitting.

I shared this photo on Instagram, but the caption (“full lap … full heart”) doesn’t tell the whole story. First off – it’s huge that Holly and Charlie are both snuggled in the same chair (even with Marmie wedged in between). And the book we’re reading is new (we also read this one) – the latest in the crayon series from Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. I bought these (actually pre-ordered, way back in August; they were delivered last week) for Charlie to give to his little brother; it’s only fair – right?! – that he gets to read them … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | A Full Lap and Some Knitting.

Perfect Timing.

Before I start – nope, no baby! …and now onto today’s actual topic. Summer seems to have (finally?!) given way to fall from Friday morning’s walk or maybe it’s just Indian Summer (it was nearly 80 here this afternoon). But I finished the baby hats full disclosure – the pompom wasn’t attached in that photo…bit it is now! and the yarn for Sigla arrived. Perfect timing.  earlier this afternoon when my friend Pat was over – and could help me check the length before splitting the sleeves I’m glad AsKatKnits is knitting this, too – she tweaked the neckline and … Continue reading Perfect Timing.

A Finished Two-fer | Bradway and Portis.

That’s right, y’all – I have not one but two finished projects to share today. Because it’s finally cool enough to wear wool and long pants and long sleeves outside. and I was able to get Katie (a huge thank you as always!) to take photos. I did think about saving one for later (because whoa, I’ve got 30 blog posts in a row to fill up next month), but it’s a lot more fun to share them both now (and I could use a short break from knitting baby hats and watching Call the Midwife). First up is Bradway. … Continue reading A Finished Two-fer | Bradway and Portis.

Making Room.

I shared a very vague post a few months back about making room for new priorities. After more thought and many difficult conversations, including some hard goodbyes, today marked the end of what I now see as a months-long journey to be home on Thursdays. It started back in May, when I moved my knitting class from Monday nights to Thursdays. The change was good, like I shared in July: Beginning last month, I moved my Monday evening class to Thursday evenings. Thankfully, all my students save one were able to make the change and most were just as happy … Continue reading Making Room.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Pumpkins.

Charlie’s been asking (I’m pretty sure at his mama’s nudging) to get pumpkins. and today we did. I planned a morning outing to a somewhat local (16 miles and a 40 minute drive – is that “local”?) pumpkin patch, but when we arrived, they said it was only open at 9:30 am for “reserved groups”. We could come back at 3:30 pm when they opened to the public. well ugh.  Instead we went to a playground with a big slide “all by myself” he said once we’d climbed together to the top. I raced down the stairs and got to … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Pumpkins.