Ten on Tuesday | Game Day Favorites.

from October 2009 (!! deep in the archives for sure!) Professional football kicked off this weekend. Carole is a huge Patriots fan and she won’t miss a game. She’ll also enjoy some great food while she watches; this week, she’s asked us to share our game day favorites. Football food around here means “fun” and “easy” (but not necessarily “healthy”). Here are ten of my favorites: 1. Vegetables and dip. That’s homemade spicy peanut dip in the photo above and it’s outstanding. I haven’t made it in a few years, but I need to. (and because I love y’all, I’ve included … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Game Day Favorites.


Oh my, 6:30 on a Monday evening – I just had a very fun call with my mom where we talked about all manner of stuff…going gray, puzzles, one-on-one time with our grandchildren, Vancouver, snakes (!!), mussels, the crazy practice of grocery stores where they rearrange stuff and a bunch of other things. And now I’m sitting down to write the blog post I expected to write this morning. But I ended up spending the day* with my favorite little guy. this morning – his first time (now that he’s almost TWO) with the car seat facing forward I can … Continue reading Weekending.

Summer Reading Recap.

Here’s the short version: I read 39 books. I did not cover my Bingo card. my final card – nine Bingos! If you’d asked me back on May 25 what I thought this summer’s reading might bring, I wouldn’t have guessed either of those. I came really close on Bingo, but couldn’t manage to read a literary journal cover to cover. As recently as last Friday, I was seriously thinking about spending a few hours with one, just to do it. But then I thought more about the breadth and quality of the rest of my summer reading and decided … Continue reading Summer Reading Recap.

Planning for Portis.

Next up in my queue is this piece – a poncho with some very cool knitterly details. I’ve made two Easy Folded Ponchos (and plan to knit a third one this winter). That pattern is a big stockinette rectangle that gets seamed along one long edge to make the neck opening. Portis is a stockinette tube (perfect for knitting stranded colorwork since there’s no purling) that gets steeked to turn it into a big stockinette rectangle. The ribbing (that you see along the bottom edge of the photo above) is picked up and knitted from the steeked edge. The only … Continue reading Planning for Portis.

Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

With a nod to Labor Day, today Carole‘s asked us to share about our weekends. Here’s a quick recap of ours. 1. Marc played four days of golf. He also watched more college football games than I can count, plus a little golf and a little tennis. He even handled Saturday and Sunday’s dinners (“football food” at its finest – potato chips and homemade blue cheese dip, deli sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad…and beer!)  …and now for my part of the weekend 🙂 Monday morning with Becca 2. Four days of golf means a lot of time for “me”. I … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

Hello September.

Dear September, Pumpkin Spice Latte (extra hot!) and knitting with wool (long sleeves, a hood and pockets!) – I love you! – M. p.s. I see a 6 in front of tomorrow morning’s low temperature and an 8 in front of the high – if you could make that last for more than the weekend I’d be grateful. thanks! p.p.s. please try to hold onto the daylight as long as you can. Continue reading Hello September.

Throwback Thursday | Zucchini Fritters.

Remember back a few months when we shared favorite foods our mom’s used to make? One of mine was zucchini fritters: Mother had a vegetable garden when we lived in New Jersey (my high school and college years). Of course she grew zucchini and of course there was too much. I remember an entire meal of zucchini fritters…just us…one summer when I was home from college. (that might be the closest we came to a popcorn meal 🙂 I managed to find a few photos of that garden from the summer of 1981 (I was home after finishing my sophomore … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Zucchini Fritters.