Summer Book Bingo Wrap-up.

Before we turn another page on the calendar, let’s take a few minutes to celebrate a great summer of reading. We had ten participants* (including me) – for a total of 189 books and 77 Bingos.  Wow!

Here are links to all the recap posts:

Lydia (25 books and  12 Bingos)
Bonny (25 books and  12 Bingos)
Kym – (24 books and  12 Bingos)
Carole (25 books and  12 Bingos)
Margene (18 books and 4 Bingos)
Vicki (9 books and no Bingos)
Debbie (25 books and 12 Bingos)
Patty (no Bingos)
Penny (14 books and 4 Bingos)
me (24 books and 9 Bingos)

Now comes the part when I randomly choose a winner. The plan was that each Bingo would get one entry in the drawing. But when I realized I’d have to cut up almost 70 pieces of paper, I changed the rules! I gave each participant one entry and each cover an additional entry. 14 pieces of paper was much more manageable. And the winner is …

Penny, there’s a little something coming to your in-box.

Finally, I haven’t heard (but I also haven’t looked) what might be happening around Book Bingo next summer now that Ann and Michael have stopped their podcast. I hope it will still be around in some form; or we might have to do it on our own. Of course that’s months away 🙂

Thank you everyone for participating and cheering each other along. It was a great summer of reading. together!

*plus my sister who never shared anything on-line but reported an almost-cover and nine Bingos.

11 thoughts on “Summer Book Bingo Wrap-up.

  1. Thanks for inspiring such a fun summer activity, Mary! (And congratulations to Penny.) Maybe the bingo-card-generator will still be around next year, even if the podcast itself is not? That would certainly make things easier. Because, clearly, we NEED summer book bingo. XO

  2. It was a great summer of reading for so many of us – thanks for helping us to stay on track! We definitely need summer book bingo. If that bingo card generator isn't still around we will just have to figure it out on our own!

  3. Yay to all the Book Bingo-ers! Congrats! I'm still working on my card…no rush; the books are still just as good to me. Thx for the inspiration and encouragement Mary.Cheers~

  4. Thanks so much for facilitating all that reading! Possibly presumptuous, but I had already assumed/hoped we would be doing some form of book bingo next summer. Like Kym said, we NEED Summer Book Bingo! Congratulations to Penny and Happy Reading to all!

  5. Wow, first of all, what a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much, Mary, for hosting book bingo and for letting me join in! I felt honored to be a part of this very inspiring group of readers! I have discovered so many new authors and have read so many good books because of you all. It looks like it was a great summer of reading for everyone. : )

  6. Congratulations to Penny! And Mary, thank-you for getting this party started each year. I may not have a bingo but I certainly read more and that is never a bad thing!

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