Ten on Tuesday | Looking Forward to Fall.

This week, in honor of the official date that Summer changes to Fall, Carole’s invited us to write about our favorite summer moments and the things we’re most looking forward to for fall. I’ve already shared my summer highlights, so my whole list is about fall. and narrowing it down to just ten is hard!

from Friday morning’s walk – Caribbean filter
1. The color change. Most of the trees around here are still green – or, sadly, thanks to our hot dry summer, almost bare – but I’m holding out hope for the maples and oaks.  and playing around with the Prisma app is fun, too!
2. Fall lips and toes.
3. SWEATER WEATHER. wearing them, knitting them, thinking about knitting them, it’s all good!
4. Red wine and cooler weather cocktails like Manhattans and Negronis.
5. Family birthday season. It really kicked off last week with Charlie, but Marc, Rob, Sara and I have “real” fall birthdays.
6. Seeing Sara (she says she’s coming for Thanksgiving). and my mom (she’s definitely coming – and staying with us for a few days which is a first!)
7. Jeans and boots.
8. Porch time (except that I have to get out there and clean it first).
9. Apples, pumpkins, roasted vegetables and chili.
(yep, I saved the best for last)
10. Charlie’s little brother.
It looks like it’s going to be a great fall… I can’t wait!
How about you? Look forward to seeing what’s on your list – if you’re not already playing along, click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun (and thank you, Carole, for hosting another great week!)

9 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Looking Forward to Fall.

  1. Ah! What a lovely picture that paints – you, knitting on the porch in a rocking chair, in your jeans and boots and a warm sweater, looking out from time to time at the changing colours and with a warming cocktail to hand! Photo, please :).

  2. Ooooh, new babies are the best… and they just keep getting better!! Gin thinks that Jun is the bee's knees, and he generally feels the same… You are going to have so much fun. I think I'm going to make my first-ever Negroni tonight. 😉

  3. All this an more-really hoping for a chance to be outside a lot more. I got a butternut squash yesterday at the grocery store-there will be roasted b.nut squash and black bean tacos on this week's menu for sure!

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