Summer Book Bingo Wrap-up.

Before we turn another page on the calendar, let’s take a few minutes to celebrate a great summer of reading. We had ten participants* (including me) – for a total of 189 books and 77 Bingos.  Wow! Here are links to all the recap posts: Lydia (25 books and  12 Bingos) Bonny (25 books and  12 Bingos) Kym – (24 books and  12 Bingos) Carole (25 books and  12 Bingos) Margene (18 books and 4 Bingos) Vicki (9 books and no Bingos) Debbie (25 books and 12 Bingos) Patty (no Bingos) Penny (14 books and 4 Bingos) me (24 books and 9 Bingos) Now comes the part when … Continue reading Summer Book Bingo Wrap-up.

Cheers | Roxborough.

…yep, I’ve remembered. finally. to share the cocktail that Thea posted when she debuted that squirrel pattern last week. I did make it last Thursday night. I remember thinking it didn’t taste much like scotch at all. but I did taste licorice. Fast forward to today and Wednesday knitting with my sister. She was surprised to see scotch…and absinthe. We enjoyed the cocktail, but agreed we’d like to try it with bourbon and no absinthe. (hummmm… not a strong recommendation!) I think that means we both prefer a nice bottle of red wine 🙂 Nonetheless – cheers! And in case … Continue reading Cheers | Roxborough.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Two (New Things).

Before I dive into today’s post, I want to give a quick shout out to Carole. She hosted a weekly Tuesday gathering* on her blog for years; I was fortunate to join the Ten on Tuesday fun in 2010. The community she fostered is one of the most special places I know. I’ve formed lasting friendships and shared laughter and tears with a group of ladies I hope to someday meet in person. But even if I never get to hug them in real life, knowing them through this space is still one of the best things that’s ever happened … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Two (New Things).

Another Visit to the Garden.

My FitBit recorded nearly 32 hours of sleep for the last three days; and it really does feel like I slept through weekend! I knew I was tired, but whoa… so it’s a good thing I have a story from Friday to share. Lydia and I met up for a visit to the Botanical Gardens and lunch. This was her first time to see the Chihuly exhibit and my second. I’m happy to report that the pieces I loved back in May are still just as stunning. I found a few new favorites, too. The Children’s Garden wasn’t open when we … Continue reading Another Visit to the Garden.

FO Friday | George.

…we interrupt this week’s planned programming (I promise I’ll be back on Monday with news about that cocktail!) to bring you a surprise edition of FO Friday! Since this one features Charlie, I figure y’all won’t mind. The last you saw of George (back on August 31), all he needed was a head. and a face. which he got the next week. Then he had a much needed bath. (after which he needed three full days to dry). But he was ready for Charlie’s birthday on the 13th. And today, I have the photos to show you – George is a … Continue reading FO Friday | George.

Situational Monogamy.

I’ve been faithful to my husband for over 35 years, but apparently I cannot be in a monogamous relationship with one knitting project for even a week. I put the yarn away when the beautiful kit for My Cryptonite arrived last week from Skein (I haven’t even taken a photo to share with y’all!) I looked the other way when the BrooklynTweed collection dropped last week AND when the lovely new Shibui Drift arrived in the shop. But yesterday, when I saw Thea Colman’s latest cardigan, I succumbed. It was this detail shot of the back neckline that sent me … Continue reading Situational Monogamy.

Ten on Tuesday | Looking Forward to Fall.

This week, in honor of the official date that Summer changes to Fall, Carole’s invited us to write about our favorite summer moments and the things we’re most looking forward to for fall. I’ve already shared my summer highlights, so my whole list is about fall. and narrowing it down to just ten is hard! from Friday morning’s walk – Caribbean filter 1. The color change. Most of the trees around here are still green – or, sadly, thanks to our hot dry summer, almost bare – but I’m holding out hope for the maples and oaks.  and playing around … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Looking Forward to Fall.

Counting to Six.

I finally found a rhythm with the cabled baby blanket. Turns out, it’s just about counting to six (which I can manage to do most of the time 🙂 The blanket features columns of paired cables twisted in opposite directions. The pairs are separated by six stitches of reverse stockinette. Each cable is six stitches and they’re twisted every six rows for a six-row repeat. Last week, I started tracking the repeats in my planner… I’m sure you can imagine how much I enjoy all those tick marks! I finished 13 repeats last week (and if I continue at that … Continue reading Counting to Six.

Looking Back | Summer 2016.

I’m well into the habit of taking a photo every day, but not so much organizing them, creating the collages and sharing them.  And honestly, I kind of like it that way. It’s like a mini time capsule when I open up the Daily Photo album on my laptop. Last night I sorted through June, July and August and had a wonderful time revisiting those last three months: Two trips to Florida and one most memorable little side trip with my mom. Another wonderful Fourth of July with Sara in Madison. Good TV (and one history-making night). Lots of good … Continue reading Looking Back | Summer 2016.