Watercolor Wednesday | Here.

from this morning’s walk
It’s always here, the silent
underpinning, the foundation
beneath the foundation. When
I reach deep enough into darkness,
inside fear, self-doubt, aversion or
despair, there’s something so intact
I almost miss it in my focus on
brokenness. It’s always here, this
ground of being. Like the water in 
which fish swim, it’s easy to overlook
the eloquence of truth. It’s here, this
guiding presence, this calm, abiding
stillness. It’s here when I don’t try 
to make life any more or less than
what it is, when I stop trying to be
right. It’s here when I unclench my
fists and breathe, when I let go of the
demand to make life smooth or easy.
It’s here, the oneness underlying
multiplicity, the exquisite “is-ness”
of everything. I could shout it from 
the rooftops, but it’s true no matter
what I say, and I know you’ll find
it in your own time, your own way,
that precious moment when you 
choose to meet life exactly as it is.

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