WIP Wednesday | August Knits.

today’s WIPs – clockwise from top left: Rose Granite Quill, Shelter Baby Blanket, Bradway, Fall Hoodie, George I had planned to finish three projects – one for me, one for Charlie and one for the baby – this month. Back on August 1, that didn’t even seem like a stretch. But today?! Yep, not gonna come close. I’m not going to have even one of these projects done before September arrives. But those first two projects are really close (neither has any more knitting to do – just a little seaming, a whole bunch of ends and blocking) and Bradway … Continue reading WIP Wednesday | August Knits.

Ten on Tuesday | Home Sweet Home.

Carole’s back from her two weeks at the Cape and this week, she’s asked us to list things we miss about home when we’re away. Of course it’s a timely topic for me as well – here are ten things I missed last week: 1. early mornings at my desk with my journal. this is always my favorite way to start the day. 2. this spot at the kitchen counter where I spend most of my waking hours when I’m home. (it’s also the spot where I usually read blogs…and I’ve missed reading about what y’all are up to!) 3. … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Home Sweet Home.

Our Week in Florida.

riding shotgun Holly and I spent last week in Florida visiting my mom. In case you’re wondering why we’d drive to central Florida in August, here’s why! It’s my mom’s birthday, a birthday toast homemade banana-orange ice cream for dessert and it’s the Little League World Series. knitting and baseball go very well together! I never even knew about the LLWS, but my mom says she’s been watching it for years.  This is my third time and I have to say I’m a fan. I didn’t keep count of how many games we watched over the week, but I’d guess … Continue reading Our Week in Florida.

Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly turned seven on Monday. In dog years this is the last birthday when she’ll be younger than I am. Which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I’ve had a very fun time today thinking about this throwback post and all the wonderful memories we’ve shared. 2nd birthday – August 2011 The last time I threw her a birthday party was back in 2011 (when she turned two); she didn’t have much fun even though she did look very cute in her hat!  So this year, instead of a party, I’m writing a blog post. She’s asleep … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday Holly!

Tuesday with Charlie | Twenty-three Months.

…presented – in honor of Carole’s vacation this week – in list form: 1. He ran to greet me – first time – usually I’m there at the car after his mom drives into the driveway, but I missed their arrival today. And now that I know he’ll run to see me, I think I’m going to stop being so punctual so I can get a running hug to start all of our Tuesdays. 2.  After waving good-bye, we went right up to the playroom for “toys”. I’m never quite sure which toys are going to strike his fancy and … Continue reading Tuesday with Charlie | Twenty-three Months.

First World Problem(s).

I got caught in a downpour on my run this morning. The really hard stuff started just before the halfway point and I was soaked by the time I made it back home. My immediate concern was for my phone. but all seemed fine when I checked it out in the garage – fine enough that I ventured back out into the driveway to take a quick photo to share on Instagram.  (I was especially proud of the time I clocked for my four mile run – a personal best since I started running again in April!) A half hour … Continue reading First World Problem(s).

Like a Bee.

from Saturday morning’s run Happy to report that I haven’t filtered all my recent photos to black & white. This lucky shot is straight off my phone, although it did take a few tries to capture that bee just still enough to not be a blur. Over the course of those few photos, the bee went in and back out of a half dozen of those purple flowers. My mind’s a whirlwind today rethinking a few plans to make room for a new priority…that I can’t share here until it’s a bit more…formed. I don’t like “busy”, but like that … Continue reading Like a Bee.

Ten on Tuesday | M is for …

Today, Carole’s asked us to share ten words that describe us…and they all have to start with the first letter of our first name. How about: 1. married. 2. mother. 3. Marmie. 4. maker. 5. Mozart lover. 6. mathematical. 7. morning person. 8. mostly vegetarian. 9. miniature schnauzer snuggler. 10. motivated. That photo strip to the left was part of my Marmie fun today. my first time using the Pocketbooth app (which I might’ve downloaded from one of Starbucks’ free app deals months ago?) We had a lot of fun with it and hey! – more black and white! Also, when … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | M is for …