A Perfect Pairing.

Remember when I mentioned Theresa had added some new yarns to the shop? and that I might’ve brought a few skeins home with me?

Um, yep! Today I’m sharing the first project with y’all. This is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (my first time knitting with this yarn) and it’s going to be a blanket for Charlie’s little brother.
The gradient possibilities seemed like a perfect match with Purl Soho’s Colorful Wedges pattern. And I’d heard wonderful things about knitting garter stitch on larger needles with this yarn….and about how soft and light the fabric is after blocking.
The pattern is written for a sport weight yarn on size 5 needles; I did a rough calculation and cast on 25 fewer stitches on size 9s. 
I think it’s gonna be perfect!
In hindsight, maybe I should’ve titled this post “perfect pairings“. How about a little dark early knitting on the porch to see a beautiful sunrise?
Have you used Shelter? I’d love to hear about your experience with it…please share!

9 thoughts on “A Perfect Pairing.

  1. I knit a hat with Shelter (and part of a sweater). It's lovely yarn but slightly fragile. Don't pull it hard or try to knit at a tight gauge, as it will break easily. The fabric is magnificent.

  2. Oh my, what time were you up? A lovely sky and the yarn seems to be knitting up very nicely. Garter stitch always takes me back to my childhood – it feels very comforting!

  3. It's a great pattern and I love the colors you have chosen! And you certainly had a beautiful view of the sunrise.

  4. I thought maybe it was me, but I feel more comfortable saying it since Patty and Margene had the same experience – I tried to use Shelter, but while casting on for a hat it broke three times. I finally got a cast on row, but couldn't seem to knit more than 20 stitches without the yarn breaking. Between breakage and picking out VM, I gave up and returned the yarn. You have successfully cast on and knit more than I did, so maybe it was me!

  5. I, too, have used Shelter and found it to be fragile — and full of "organic materials". It's lovely yarn, though. One of my favorites. Just . . . don't seam with it. (Really. It breaks.) Your blanket will be beautiful!

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