A Morning Walk in Madison.

Last Monday, I had a little over an hour left in Fahrenheit 451; there’s nothing like a little dystopia in your ears to add atmosphere to a quiet, cloudy morning. Henry Vilas Park is about a mile and a half from Sara’s (this time, I checked the map before I set out  ðŸ™‚ This was my first time visiting there and I had no idea what to expect.

I wasn’t disappointed. The scenery is beautiful.
(no filter required)
I made it back to Sara’s with a little more time left in the book (at this point I was listening to the Coda and Afterward) so I kept going. This view is a block past her apartment. I’d seen it many times before, and always thought it would make a lovely Waterlogue.
Hope your week is going well – happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “A Morning Walk in Madison.

  1. I love getting in that extra time outdoors just to finish a book. It's been years (and years) since I read that book and it would be interesting to revisit it. The park looks so calm and peaceful.

  2. I have never read it! I know Doug did when Dan was in high school reading it. And you were right…it is a lovely waterlogue!

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