A Private Book Signing.

One of my Book Bingo squares is “Written by an author you’ve met.” I haven’t actually met many authors except at book signings, where – even if I have a photo of me and the author – I’m sure those authors have no idea who I am (does it count as a “meeting” if only one of us remembers?)

My friend, Lauren, however, has met an author. She is one of Karen White‘s Pilates trainers. From the stories Lauren shares and from Karen’s own Instagram feed, I know she’s very outgoing. I thought she might enjoy the opportunity to indulge a bit of fangirl… So I asked Lauren to ask

and yesterday evening, I met Karen … enjoying the tail end of a workout.

She was friendly, personable and fun (and can you believe how great she looks after a hard hour of Pilates?!) She asked me to tell her a little about myself; I mentioned Book Bingo and the square I was hoping to complete with our meeting.

I’m looking forward to the book – it’s set in France and Apalachicola, Florida and there are bees! Sounds intriguing and certainly a welcome change after spending 45+ hours in the 1760’s with Jamie and Claire!

me, Karen and Lauren (from Lauren’s Instagram)

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  1. I love meeting authors and telling them how much I've enjoyed their book even if they never remember me! Karen's book sounds great! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.

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