Views from our Daily Walks.

Morning and late afternoon walks are part of our daily routine around here (as much as Holly might wish otherwise…especially when the temperature approaches 100 degrees). As I looked through my photos from this past trip, I was struck by how different the scenery is from what we see around here. 

This is from Friday morning’s walk around the marina (at my aunt’s in North Palm Beach). I sent this photo to Marc. It’s the spot where Tiger’s boat lives (when it’s parked). The Atlantic Ocean is just on the other side of that far bit of land.
Saturday afternoon we were back in Leesburg with blue skies. And trees with yucca blooms (or maybe those are just really tall yucca plants?)
Sunday was mostly gray and rainy; it seemed appropriate given the early morning news about Orlando (which is less than an hour away from my mom). I shared this photo on Instagram.
“ready for the rainbow on this gray and rainy day #prayfororlando”
I took this photo Sunday, too – but doctored it up with PicTapGo and then Waterlogue’d it. This little view is one of my favorites in my mom’s neighborhood. It might be the first time I’ve seen it without any flowers. But still, all those greens (even the filtered ones!)… this one makes me smile.
I hope you see something today that makes you smile too (even if you have to put a filter on it first!)  Happy Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Views from our Daily Walks.

  1. These views are different from your usual scenery, and delightfully different from each other! I love the cloud reflections, softened by the water, in the first photo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some beautiful views and a nice variety, too! I'm always amazed at how different the scenery in the northern part of our state is from the scenery in the southern part – again, a nice variety.

  3. Love the pictorial essay; just lovely and affirms my thoughts that nothing beats Mother Nature. Certainly not mankind!

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