Ten on Tuesday | Curious.

This week, Carole’s asked us to share things we’re curious about. Hmmmmm… curious….

(I’m not sure where to credit this – it was the image that popped up when I googled “curious”)
I’m curious about a lot of things in the sense of being eager to know or learn something. especially the eager to know part. I thought about making this a smart list, but after 11 hours with my favorite 21 month old, I’m just going to let it fly:

1. Why Carole chose this topic!

2. What features will the next iPhone release offer (and should I upgrade)?

3. Charlie and I picked up the mail from the mailbox this afternoon. And put every single piece of it into the recycling bin. How much longer will we have mail?

4. How hot is it really going to be in south Florida this week? (I’m headed to visit my mom tomorrow and then we’re taking a quick trip to visit my aunt and cousins further south).

5. Who will be the next president? (as I type this, Marc is watching the news…and I hear that Trump has a 9pm news conference, so…)

6. Who will be Trump’s VP? (Clinton’s?)

7. I’m planning to play the 2016 Mah Jongg card for the first time when I visit my aunt. How will it go?

8. A lot of y’all are planning to read Pax after two rave reviews from me and Bonny…will you love it as much as we did? (we hope so!)

9. How much traffic will there be on the metro Atlanta highways tomorrow morning … if I really do leave at 6am like I plan?

10. Could this little guy be any cuter?!

at the photo booth this morning…not at all into the whole Curious George vibe 😉

Thank you for reading to the end of my crazy list! I hope you’re playing along too – and if not, click here to join the fun!

5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Curious.

  1. I love your list! I am also curious about VPs, but I really want to pretend that this presidential race is just a horribly bad SNL skit. I'm amused that Charlie didn't get the ToT curious topic today, but he is adorable as always. (That photo in the lower right is priceless!) We do hope everyone loves Pax, and I wish you safe travels, tolerable temperatures, and lots of Mah Jongg wins!

  2. Charlie steals the show! He's looking more "boy" like every time we see him. Thank you for the lovely card you sent via snail mail! I'm doing my best to keep the mail alive!

  3. I like the photo of Charlie with three hands…and I'm curious to know how he's going to react to his new little bro', soon to be here!

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