It was a good weekend, full of a few of my favorite things:
♥ Reading (I finished Pax – with a big Thank You to Bonny for the recommendation – I loved it!) 
♥ Knitting (I finished the yoke on my Fine Grey cardigan and clue #1 of our summer mystery shawl). 
♥ Coffee with friends. 
♥ Dinner(s – yes, twice!) out – Saturday with a girlfriend and Sunday with Marc.
♥ Walks in the park.
♥ Sunrises, porch time, sunshine and blue skies and finally, a little rain.
Hope your weekend was full of all the good things, too! Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. I always worry a little when people say they are reading books I recommended, but I'm so glad you loved Pax as much as I did! And what a grand and colorful weekend you had; I hope this week is just as lovely!

  2. I spent all my reading time "listening" over the weekend, so barely made progress with PAX (I'm so much slower w/print books), but looking forward to finishing… Sounds like a terrific weekend!!

  3. I took a screen shot of your Pax picture yesterday so I wouldn't forget about it! Looks like a wonderful weekend had!

  4. Sounds like we all have Pax on our list. Good to hear you've recommended it, too! Your weekend sounds relaxing and marvelous!

  5. I'm not familiar with Pax but sounds like I should check it out. Your weekend photos are lovely and I'm really liking the color you've chosen for your summer mystery shawl!

  6. Lovely weekend-i found that i can watch episodes of outlander-so yea! Got LOTS of organizing done as well as some reading and knitting. Not all work and no play 😉

  7. I love the color of your Mystery Shawl KAL! Excited to see how our single color versions look!

  8. Here it is another week ending and I can't even remember laast weekend. Blame it on old age…whatever, yours looked like fun. Enjoy this weekend too!Cheers~

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