Looking Back | Spring 2016.

I think I’m going to start sharing these monthly collages less frequently. It’s fun to see more than one month together at the same time. The things that change (like seasons, hairdo’s and what Charlie’s into) and the things that don’t (Tuesdays with Charlie, Wednesdays with my sister, good food & drink, and plenty of books/reading and knitting) are more visible…and there’s a lot more activity. Here’s a look back at my Spring.

and a few of the things I noticed:
  • a whopping TEN WIPs, of which eight subsequently became FOs. The Simple Tee (featured most recently on May 24) is now awaiting four seams…hopefully an FO soon. The Blue Baby Blanket (introduced on May 2) is about 3″ long…I have a ways to go, but there’s still plenty of time (I’m not worried!)
  • I got back into running in April; love the lake views on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Yay for porch time. Friday afternoon beers. and blue skies.
  • Spring blossoms gave way to full-on summer.
  • Sweaters & boots became jeans & flats became sandals and bare feet in the grass.
  • Travels to Florida with Katie & Charlie, then to New York with Sara, to South Carolina with the whole family and Lake Oconee with most of us (and my trusty iPhone tripod to take a group photo).
I’m excited to see what the next three months (full-on summer!) might bring.  More on that…tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | Spring 2016.

  1. I fun to see 3 months at a time. Charlie seems to change the most (as well as the weather) from month to month.

  2. Spring has definitely sprung and sprung away-was March really 3 months ago?! Hoping for lazy summer days myself.

  3. That's wonderful! The kids… I can't believe how much growth & change is happening right now!! It's incredible and I, as no doubt you, feel so fortunate to be close enough to be a part of it all.

  4. It's fun to see a few months together – lots of great things in your spring! But wow, time seems to be flying. : )

  5. Beautiful photos and also poignant; Charlie is growing up so fast! Once little boys put the Lego bucket on their head, shaving off their eyebrows and gluing their fingers together with superglue may not be far behind!

  6. Great idea to showcase 3 collages at a time! Love the photo of Charlie with the yellow bucket hat – must've been the yellow;-)). 8FOs! I'm impressed – not in my lifetime;-)).Cheers~

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