Ten on Tuesday | Memorial Day Weekend.

We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, which means a long weekend – and an excellent opportunity for sharing ten things we did. My weekend actually started last Wednesday when Holly & I drove to Lake Oconee to spend six days with my family in one h-u-g-e house. First – a few of my favorite photos. 

And now, a sampling of what we did there:

1. Shared a bunch of photos on Instagram (check out #reynoldsmay2016).
2. Knitted a lot…sometimes with wine, sometimes with coffee, and sometimes in a big chair with friends.
3. Played with Charlie. He had great fun finding golf balls and sticks…and then putting them into his pockets.
4. Cheered on the puzzle mavens. I usually make a point of fitting in one piece…but this year I didn’t even manage that. The entire 1,000 pieces were assembled by Saturday morning.
5. Cooked (and ate…and drank).
6. Played games. Rob and I won (Junior) Trivial Pursuit. I lost everything else (I think he did, too).
7. Read. (I got a great start on Summer Bingo…more to come!)
8. Walked. I saw a lot of the golf course and many beautiful homes …and yesterday morning, finally saw the lake 🙂
9. Took a family photo. 
10. Remembered all those who served and gave their lives so we could freely live ours. Driving home yesterday I passed so many flags…and it was nice to drive into our driveway and see a few more. 
If you’re not already playing along, click here to join the Ten on Tuesday fun. And thank you (yet again!) Carole for hosting another memorable week.

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Memorial Day Weekend.

  1. Certainly looks like a great way to spend a holiday: good food; good wine; good cheer; good knitting and good times with family and that Charlie boy! And a way to be mindful and grateful for the reason why.Cheers~

  2. You have such a sweet little companion in Holly. It sounds like a fabulous six days! And the smiles in your family photo are contagious – they brought a big smile to my face. : )

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