Summer Book Bingo 2016.

Ok, y’all, it’s officially the start of summer – Books on the Nightstand has released the 2016 Book Bingo cards! Click here to listen to the podcast episode and here to download your card.

Here’s mine.

I’ve got ideas for almost all the squares. As in previous years, I’m trying to read books I already own or books I’ve been meaning to read (The Outsiders, Invisible Man). One square has me stumped – I emailed my mom last night about the “that your parents didn’t/wouldn’t have let you read as a kid” because I don’t remember anything but encouragement to read whatever I wanted! I’m looking forward to the “literary journal” and “verse novel” – those are two new-to-me genres. And that upper left corner “a random book from a shelf” should be fun, too.

I hope you’re planning to play along. This summer, books you finish between Saturday, May 28 (the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend) and Monday, September 5 (the end of Labor Day Weekend) count. We’ll follow the same rules as in previous years – each book counts for one square. You can read whatever you want for the middle square. This is supposed to be fun, so a bit of “liberal interpretation” of the categories is ok! Each completed Bingo (a row, a column or a diagonal) earns you one entry in the drawing. I’ll choose a winner from the pool of Bingos in September.

Wishing you a summer of delightful reading…and more than a few Bingos!

13 thoughts on “Summer Book Bingo 2016.

  1. Finally!! Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I am super glad that they are doing this! Can't wait to take a look and start planning!

  2. I'm going to see if I can at least get a Bingo. It's a challenge (BIG challenge) for me to read any book or genre I don't like.

  3. I don't join in – but I like jotting down some of these ideas to use for the reading challenges I do for the online yahoogroups bookgroups I run!!Linda in VA

  4. My card is ready to go! I plan to take a lot of . . . poetic license . . . with my squares again this year (because, like Margene, I hate to read books I don't really like all that much – just to get a BINGO). It's always a lot of fun to Book Bingo the summer away, looking forward to it.(I had the "parents wouldn't let you read" square last summer — and I struggled because my parents were very open to pretty much all books. Finally, I read Lolita — because I think that fit the intent. HATED it, though.)

  5. Planning to "Taste again…for the first time" this year. Off to print my chart and listen to the podcast, among other things…May 28, here we come! Really!!! Just two days away as I type this…Cheers~

  6. I'm going to be getting a late start on Book Bingo, but will definitely be starting when I get home from CO. I plan on printing my card as soon as I unpack! I had "parents wouldn't let you read" last summer and read "Stoned" – nonfiction about medical marijuana, and found it quite interesting. Thanks so much for doing this again, Mary!

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