Ten on Tuesday | Help for a New Mom.

Today, Carole‘s asked us to share ideas for helping out a new mom. I asked Katie to share a few ideas (I figured that might also be a great way to get ideas for October!) and she graciously replied with nine… wonder if y’all can guess which one I added to make ten!

see #7 below

1. Send an email or text that you are thinking of her and sending love – and be sure to include “no need to reply!”

2. Bring lunch or dinner or help set up a meal train for the first few weeks.

3. Drop off a “nursing” or “late night” gift basket – easy-to-eat snacks (cheese & crackers, snack mix, nuts), chocolates, fruit, fresh juice or herbal tea.

4. Gift or lend her your favorite books about motherhood – one of Katie’s favorites is Great with Child (it’s beautiful!)

5. Offer to run some errands for her – send a quick text when you are planning to run to Target or the grocery store and offer to pick up a few things she might need.

6. Don’t drop in unannounced…and never if you’re feeling even the slightest inkling of a cold, cough, etc.

7. Help with the older siblings – when you visit, offer to take them out for a bike ride or babysit for the morning. It would be also be thoughtful to bring a craft or activity for them…something that doesn’t require too much adult supervision. Charlie’s latest favorite tabletop activity is Mess Free Coloring. Who knew such a thing even existed?!

8. When you visit, offer to hold the baby if she wants to make lunch (or you can make lunch for her!) or take a shower.

9. Don’t stay too long when you visit.  Keep your visit under 45 minutes unless it seems like she needs/wants help and the baby is awake. If the baby is asleep, there’s a good chance she might want to catch up on sleep too!

10. Tell her that she looks wonderful and is doing an amazing job!

Thank you, Katie! and thank you to Carole for hosting another great week! (if you’re not already playing along with Ten on Tuesday, click here to join the fun).

6 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Help for a New Mom.

  1. I'm betting that Katie contributed the first nine, and the nice thing is that those comprise many of the same kinds of help that we all wanted and needed as mothers a generation ago (without the texts)! I'm also betting that just like you provided help (and still do) with Charlie, you're going to be there for your next grandson.

  2. Yep, all these would have been on my list, and I've done in the past. #10 is very important-especially when that first baby arrives. Mess free coloring-think of how many walls and areas of flooring have now been saved!

  3. I love #4 and am going to look into it for my niece who's due in 4 weeks. And you just can't lose with #10! 🙂

  4. Great list and so authentic!! Timely and true! I especially like the new coloring book/tools. Guess who'll get soon – 2nd birthday coming up in just about 20 days! Seems that the coloringcraze knows no age boundaries…#10 yours?!Cheers~

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